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  1. Mewleon

    Recruiting Melodic Royale is now recruiting!

    Melodic Royale is now recruiting! What is Melodic Royale? Melodic Royale is a Pokemon Rhythm Fangame currently being developed by Mewleon through Unity. Melodic Royale combines mechanics of some rhythm games (Stepmania, Idol Love (team system), and Arcaea (partner system)) and smushes Pokemon...
  2. Mewleon

    Completed Pokecards [Revamped]

  3. Mewleon

    Recruiting Pokecards - Online CCG Game, Recruiting Card Artists!

    Heya! I am Mewleon, the owner of Pokecards, a online CCG game, if you don't know yet what pokecards is, I suggest reading about it first before viewing this thread. ( Anyways one of my plans to better improve the game is to give cards some card art, which...
  4. Mewleon

    Entertainment Winter Olympics 2018, Opinions and Thoughts

    Heya guys! I've been watching the Olympics the last couple of days and it's maybe one of the best Olympics years I've seen in quite a while. Seeing how all the athletes unite and the types of sports that are going on! And also the content in which the Olympics also provides us users. So my...
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    Completed Pokécards - A PvP CCG Pokemon Fangame

    Pokecards Made by Mewleon: Current Team - Other Developers -tails55 Mods - PikaExpert -Youngster Joey (aka WD_Asriel - 999999999 Balancers - CatOnCaffine - Chara FanGirl - Marthsuno Link : or Temporary Tutorial Doc ...