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  1. TechSkylander1518

    v19.1 Animated Sprites v19.1

    It doesn't have to be- this tool works pretty nicely, letting you set up the speed and size of frames. It'd be a process to go through all your Pokemon, but I can't imagine it taking more than a week or so. (especially if you kept it to just the Pokemon you plan on using) That's what Animated...
  2. TechSkylander1518

    Resource Generation 8 Project for Essentials v19.1

    Did you start a new save file?
  3. TechSkylander1518

    Resource Character Customization Resources (Gen 4)

    Not by Poltergeist, but Wolf_Heretic has some with their script.
  4. TechSkylander1518

    Released Pokemon This Gym of Mine

    1) There's no need to spam. It was only one hour since you first asked, and as you can see from Omegas' profile, they haven't been on since. They're not ignoring you, they just weren't online. 2) This doesn't use an emulator- it's a fangame, not a romhack. That's why there's not a mention of a...
  5. TechSkylander1518

    Released The Last Nurse Joy

    It's not a puzzle, it's supposed to just be an obstacle to make the player turn back. Another user had something similar, it seemed like it was caused by moving between the spaces too fast. If you send your save file, I can try to fix it for you.
  6. TechSkylander1518

    v19.1 How to Play SE during Text Display

    That would only play the sound effect once, not as the text scrolls like they're wanting.
  7. TechSkylander1518

    Resource BW Save Screen v18.1 and v19

    19.1 was mostly just bugfixes for 19, there shouldn’t be any issue.
  8. TechSkylander1518

    v19.1 Eevee to Sylveon Evolution breaks game.

    Where did you put it? And did you compile your game after adding it?
  9. TechSkylander1518

    v19.1 Eevee to Sylveon Evolution breaks game.

    I think this was fixed with the hotfixes.
  10. TechSkylander1518

    v19 Encounter Version Not Changing

    Just set $PokemonGlobal.encounter_version to a value that the player chooses.
  11. TechSkylander1518

    Resource Prize Wheels

    Remove this part of the script: if @cost>0 if @costcoins == true confirmtext="Spin the wheel for #{@cost} coins?" else confirmtext="Spin the wheel for $#{@cost}?" end else confirmtext="Spin the wheel?" end...
  12. TechSkylander1518

    Resource Bag Screen with interactable Party (v19.1)

    You should include a screencap of the error message, just saying "an error" doesn't really help identify the problem.
  13. TechSkylander1518

    Resource Animated 3D Sprites Gen 1-8

    It does say that in the first sentence- But it also says that the pack includes GIF files as well.
  14. TechSkylander1518

    v19.1 Delevelling Item+Sorting Scripts

    For a common candy, you'd just take the code for Rare Candy and change it to lower the level instead- ItemHandlers::UseOnPokemon.add(:RARECANDY,proc { |item,pkmn,scene| if pkmn.level>=GameData::GrowthRate.max_level || pkmn.shadowPokemon? scene.pbDisplay(_INTL("It won't have any...
  15. TechSkylander1518

    Resource Pokédex BW Style

    This is already on the page:
  16. TechSkylander1518

    v19.1 Walking in place?

    Turn Stop Animation on for the event.
  17. TechSkylander1518

    Resource TM Case

    Haha, I’m flattered, but I can’t take credit for it, it was all ripped from FRLG! Thank you, though!
  18. TechSkylander1518

    TM Case - v19 Update

    v19.1-compatible now! I think some of the instructions for accessing it are still v18, though, I'll have to double-check.
  19. TechSkylander1518

    Resource TM Case

    TechSkylander1518 updated TM Case with a new update entry: v19 Update Read the rest of this update entry...