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    Resource Generation 8 Project for Essentials v19.1

    Nah you definitely didn't go about it correctly and didn't install it properly like the Installation Instructions tell you to. You're missing the items.txt that comes with the project. Make sure to extract that into your game as well. Don't half-install the project and don't skimp out on any of...
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    v19.1 Wild and Trainer Pokemon level scaling to the player PE v19.1 Question

    There are no scripts out there for level balancing trainers in v19 yet
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    Resource Following Pokemon EX

    You need to actually have the graphics for the Pokemon to change the graphics of the Pokemon. The script only loads the "000" graphic when it can't find any other graphic to load. Make sure you actually have the Graphics, and make sure the Graphics follow the appropriate naming convention. If...
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    Resource Generation 8 Project for Essentials v19.1

    This has already been reported and should be fixed in the next update, but yeah thanks.
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    v19.1 Random Items with Percentage

    I'm gonna assume you know how to give items normally. If not, please read the wiki. But for the randomization just set the value of variable 1 to a number between 1 and 10. Now you can just use a conditional branch to check whether the value of this variable is equal to 10 (for the 10% chance...
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    Tutorial Enhanced Staircases

    You should probably go over the thread thoroughly once. The thread mentions a few staicase examples, which show what kinds of staircases are bad, and what are good. And your stairs fall under an extended version of example 2 ie bad stairs. That's why you're struggling to find appropriate offset...
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    v19.1 Pokemon Change Form on Location

    Yes, that is normal behaviour. The Following Pokemon sprites aren't refreshed on every step like the player. This will be changed in the next update however, because Following Pokemon now refresh upon entering a new map even through a map connection. You can add a surfing check by adding a...
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    v19.1 Pokemon Change Form on Location

    Should be easy enough. Just add this at the end of script section called "FormHandlers" MultipleForms.register(:INTERNALNAME, { "getForm" => proc { |pkmn| if $game_map id = $game_map.map_id next 3 if [3, 6, 9....].include?(id) # The number in the array are Map ID numbers...
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    Resource Generation 8 Project for Essentials v19.1

    Hey there. I saw your posts on Pokécommunity and it looks like the Multi-Disk network isn't compatible with Essentials v19, and whoever has ported the script to v19 for you has done a shoddy job at it. Unlike in v18, v19 loads values from your saved data like "$game_system" after to compiler has...
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    Completed Littleroot Researchers

    Actually, that isn't quite true. JoiPlay doesn't support the latest versions of Ruby, so games made using the latest versions of Pokemon Essentials are unplayable unless JoiPlay itself decides to add Ruby 3 support.
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    Resource Encounter list UI (v19)

    You should be able to just install this plugin and open the menu, and it'll show up automatically.
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    v19.1 EBDX Enemy battler position Issue

    Is there any reason why you can't manually position the sprites using the EBDX Sprite Positioner tool apart from general laziness. You shouldn't be hacky workarounds, because they have a chance to fall apart and mess up when a new update drops. Also you have more control over the position of...
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    v19.1 Shiny Pokemon Rate

    That is what you call a Ternary operator. You can read more about it here. You can replace the whole ternary operator with one single value if you'd like to, just like it was in older versions of Essentials.
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    Resource Following Pokemon EX

    This is normal behaviour. In the official games, Pokemon taller than 10ft in height don't follow the player in interior maps. This is done to prevent a 70ft tall Groudon from absolutely obliterating some poor dudes home, when you enter it. This script recreates that effect from those games. If...
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    NoMethodError Tilemap_XP addTile

    You don't need that script if you use v19, the option is now baked into the engine. Just go in Debug Menu > Other Options > Fix Invalid Tiles.
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    Resource Voltseon's A-Star Pathfinding

    Is the Position x=7 and y=10 passable? Is the Mom event already at the position x=7 and y=10? Does this happen with any other event or just the mom event?
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    Resource BGM Memory (Resume After Battle)

    I wouldn't be surprised. Not only does the script not mention anywhere that it's compatible with v19, it also says "Unfortunately this means this mod is not yet compatible with MKXP, due to a bug within MKXP itself." and Essentials v19 uses MKXP. Moreover, this script doesn't need to be...
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    Resource Voltseon's A-Star Pathfinding

    You've followed the installation instructions, but not the usage instructions. You need to put the event's ID number, because that's what the script needs to locate the event. "Event-Mom" doesn't mean anything to the code. You can check an events ID number by looking at the "ID:XXX" in to top...
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    Resource Voltseon's Pause Menu

    You don't that almost the exact same problem lol. Did you even bother to read your error message? Try starting a new game. That should fix your issue.