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    Thanks for playing! The endings aren’t that radically different, more of just a thing we put in because we wanted to be somewhat hands off with requiring the player to get things.
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    This was a lot of fun to work on. Evan truly did most of the lifting here so direct your most of your praise and all of your criticism to him. We definitely wanted to do something that wasn’t too “out there” like GALMI, but we also know that our personal favorite Jam Games are bite sized, self...
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    The Next Generation

    Hey y'all. It's been a lot of fun and my personal honor to help grow this community over the past 3 years through social media. It makes me so happy to see all of you making new connections, learning from each other, and finding new and exciting friends and projects. We managed to build a robust...
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    The Next Generation

    gen 2 was a mistake
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    I wrote a quick poem for the betrayal theme: with a small pop, things were different. what once was easy became strained, what once was natural became tense, it didn't feel right i felt sick, you did too, i'm sure yet after all is said and done and after all the dust has fallen you and I are...
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    Future of Relic Castle

    I've already made $20,000. Thanks Relic Gold!
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    Pokémon Meat 3

    Hey I'm stuck at the 4th gym, any suggestions?
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    Short-term Character/Trainer Artist

    Looking for a character/trainer artist to make 8/9 chest/torso designs for a quick project. Artist must be able to produce designs in a tight amount of time, but also, quality is not of the utmost importance. Requiring: Artist with some character experience and willing to work on...
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    Wonder Trade Event

    Awwww yeah it's my favorite event of the year! I love making people happy with this stuff. I also got a ton of shiny Pokémon last year. I'll be able to give some stuff away on the 24th!
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    Entertainment What's your favorite Pokémon?

    It's that age old question, and you've got nearly 1,000 answers! What's your favorite Pokémon? Why? In terms of my favorite, I'm going to be cheap and take the easy way out by saying I have a few. And they're allllllllll corny. 1) Pikachu: I have had a stuffed Pikachu for like, 15 years...
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    Relic Castle User Survey

    As an update: Some fun stats! We've had over 100 people take the survey, so thanks so much there! Here's some interesting data we've learned! A large portion of you found Relic through YouTubers. That's great! We're always looking for new ways to work with YouTubers, both to get more of your...
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    Game Jam Game Jam #3: Results

    I said this earlier but I'll expand on it/echo it here: you all did something really amazing. It takes a lot of effort to make a project, something I've learned in my few years here, and to do it in a month no less is amazing. Winter It truly is about the journey, not the destination. The...
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    Completed GALMI

    To be honest that's all we wanted to hear. Something that sticks with you, even a little bit, done in a 30 min game is what we set out to accomplish. I hope that people try more of this, and I'll probably make a thread about our experience and whatnot. As for updates, who knows!?
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    Completed GALMI

    So we had tried that along with a few other things. If time were infinite and our ability to code/redo animation were better, I was thinking a setup like this:
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    Completed GALMI

    Yeah, that roof thing is a heartbreaker, since we had it fixed, but lost some of the changes and I didn't realize it. In the end, we didn't even need to make those tiles passible in the first place, since the entire roof scene was just a cutscene. Glad you liked the sparse storytelling, and we...
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    Completed Hitmon! Jam

    I LOVED this. Thought it was the perfect game for this sort of Jam. Long, but not too long, challenging, fun puzzles, lots of features, good story, and of course, very funny. There's very little to critique here. The Melee Mountain world is lovely, the characters are all funny and lighthearted...
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    Game Jam Game Jam #3: Discussion

    guys this is amazing. seriously there's like 25 new games I think half of the developers have never released a game before. that's unreal. Congratulations to those who participated. Make sure to share your games with friends and family, it's amazing watching someone else play. @Deo...