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  1. King_Waluigi

    Work in Progress Pokemon Guardians #Pokemon Nimbus 2

    Thank you very much! I'm glad you do!
  2. King_Waluigi

    Work in Progress Pokemon Guardians #Pokemon Nimbus 2

    There is no set release, but I can say that progress on the first demo is... A work in progress lol haha! In all seriousness, I'd say before the next Game Jam probably, which would be somewhere around Christmas or so. (I can't make any promises tho. I'm very busy with school right now.)
  3. King_Waluigi

    Completed Pokemon Nimbus

    BUMP! The Discord link has been updated!
  4. King_Waluigi

    Work in Progress Pokemon Guardians #Pokemon Nimbus 2

    BUMP! Discord link has been updated!
  5. King_Waluigi

    Recruiting Recruiting for Pokemon Guardians #Pokemon Nimbus 2

    BUMP! Discord link has been updated!
  6. King_Waluigi

    Creative If Relic Castle was a region

    ekat, voltseon, enls, etc. the list would never end tbh lol!
  7. King_Waluigi

    Completed Pokémon Bushido

    Thank you very much, I did already get it fixed though! Thank you for looking back and finding an answer tho!
  8. King_Waluigi

    Resource Pokeathlon

    My apologies lol! It did get fixed, but I get an error when trying to run the script.
  9. King_Waluigi

    Resource Pokeathlon

    Heya, I just installed the plugin and all of the files, but any time I take a step, it pulls up some errors.
  10. King_Waluigi

    Completed Littleroot Researchers

    My apologies! Thanks for clearing that up!
  11. King_Waluigi

    Completed Littleroot Researchers

    Actually, that isn't quite true. You can play RPG Maker XP games using this game "translator" called JoiPlay!
  12. King_Waluigi

    Completed Littleroot Researchers

    You'll probably need to explain why you can't play it. Are you on a Windows PC? I not, the game isn't gonna run
  13. King_Waluigi

    Completed Pokémon Paradise

    I heard Cade and Kenny talk about this game, and it honestly didn't disappoint! I'm not here to write a big review (like I've done with other Jam games). Sorry, school is busy. But yeah, I loved this game! It was really funny, the maps were pretty well made, and the music was awesome! Great job...
  14. King_Waluigi

    v19.1 Creating HM Items / Level Cap in 19.1

    HM Items are a thing in v19.1, look up Advanced HM Items. As for the level caps, you'll probably need to look into the code itself to upgrade. GolisopodUser may update it eventually, but they're working on many other things as well.
  15. King_Waluigi

    v19.1 Block xp level using gym badges

    GolisopodUser has a resource for this, but I don't think it's at v19.1 right now. You can try messing around with it to make upgrade it to v19.1, but I think they are working on updating it.
  16. King_Waluigi

    Entertainment Worst Pokémon Game

    PICHU! Because of that STUPID Pokemon... GOROCHU doesn't EXIST!!!
  17. King_Waluigi

    Iron Mapper IRONMAPPER Season 6: Trial 1

    Trial 1: Future Verdanturf Town Map Name: Verdanturf University Campus Map: Critique: Yeah, sure! Credits: Magiscarf, SailorVicious (Cave entrance), King_Waluigi (Cave entrance edited) Notes: This is VU! Verdanturf University Campus! Wally decided to begin a small university, and 50 years...
  18. King_Waluigi

    Work in Progress Pokemon Guardians #Pokemon Nimbus 2

    UPDATE! There's some new info to share about Team Neo-Cyclone! The people of Ohmus are unfamiliar with the crimes of Team Cyclone. In their eyes, they see them as a radical group... But what do they really want? There must be some type of alternate motivation... Sorry that there isn't much new...
  19. King_Waluigi

    Recruiting Recruiting for Pokemon Guardians #Pokemon Nimbus 2

    My apologies! I just updated the link! I didn't know it expired after a week, but now I do lol!