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  1. SunGoddess23

    Work in Progress Pokémon: Come with Me, Riolu! / Let's Explore, Shinx!

    I'm looking forward to seeing this game and I hope you will be able to catch Shinx and Riolu in the wild as well because my favorite Pokemon is Lucario and I would love to have it in this game.
  2. SunGoddess23

    Demo Super Pokemon Eevee Edition

    I'm looking forward to the next update I really enjoy this game.
  3. SunGoddess23

    Demo Pokémon Sardonyx: Raised to Win

    Um I found a bug or something I ran into a Mimikyu and the battle was going well for a bit but now it's in an infinite loop of Copycat
  4. SunGoddess23

    Demo Pokémon Sardonyx: Raised to Win

    I noticed something, doing the randomizer like of the game and saw that you have it where fairy type Pokemon are weak to normal attacks which is interesting. And I guess to make it a real challange you even have the Pokemon the person catches to start disobeying when it hits a certain level. One...
  5. SunGoddess23

    Demo Pokémon Sardonyx: Raised to Win

    How in the world did I not see this fanmade game it looks amazing that that eevee in the preview looks really interesting. I can't wait for the next demo to drop I'm going to start playing the one you already have though so I can get an idea of how the game is.
  6. SunGoddess23

    Demo Pokemon Universe -Across Time and Space-

    lol alright then I'm going to enjoy making this trainer then also working on updating the game to the latest version though it's taking a while to do so I guess it's normal.
  7. SunGoddess23

    Demo Pokemon Universe -Across Time and Space-

    Hmm I'm going to play this and I hope it's alright for me to fill out the PWT registration form? Also is it alright for her to have at least one shiny?
  8. SunGoddess23


    Sure I'll be happy to help where I can though I'm still pretty new at sprite art of making fakemon this could give me more practice to work on. I'll even work on making that Eeveelution's sprite, right now it's just fanart like and I can show it to you if you like
  9. SunGoddess23

    Work in Progress Pokemon Shifting Sands

    looks really interesting and I'm liking how the starters look can't wait to see the demo.
  10. SunGoddess23

    Work in Progress Pokémon Plastic Pyrite

    Those starters look amazing. When the demo come out I'm not sure which one I would go with, on the fence for the cute sugar glider like Pokemon and the fierce lizard.
  11. SunGoddess23

    Recruiting Pokemon Spriters Needed

    Hmm I mostly did mixtures of Pokemon and such with sprites, basically fusion, so I'm pretty much new at making new Pokemon though I have tried to make some before but I don't believe they are too good. If you like I can send the ones I did make as samples so you can see how bad/good I am...
  12. SunGoddess23


    I voted for both because it will be great to see what deltas you will come up with, I'm a fan of deltas thanks to Insurgence, hmm how about some ideas for deltas Riolu/Lucario: Ice/Dark Ponyta/Rapidash: Electric/Psychic Seviper: (if you hadn't already made a delta for it already since it is...
  13. SunGoddess23

    Demo Pokemon Jade

    Okay cool really looking forward to how this goes I had a tough time deciding which starter I wanted to go with on my first go, usually go with typing and looks, but started with the water starter Salave
  14. SunGoddess23

    Demo Pokemon Jade

    Hmm I found a glitch or bug by accident when I started playing this. If you go up from here you end up in the trees of Averretta Bay (probably didn't spell that correctly) and Route 1 and Route 2 with no way out.
  15. SunGoddess23

    Work in Progress Pokemon: Dusk Purple Version

    Looks really good and it's getting me even more excited for the game
  16. SunGoddess23

    Work in Progress Pokémon Zest

    Hmm I'm really looking forward to it but I'm having a tough time deciding which starter I would like to go with the cute fire type or the fierce looking water type.
  17. SunGoddess23

    Demo Pokemon Hollow

    Hmm this looks really interesting I may wait until the overhaul before I download it and start playing it. It will be really cool to see how this game goes. And I guess it doesn't count for certain starters that turn into half ghost, psychic, or dark , Rowlet, Fennekin, and Froakie for example...
  18. SunGoddess23

    Work in Progress Pokemon: Dusk Purple Version

    I'm sure I will I wish I had the talent and time to be able to make my own kind of game like this but I'm not good with programming and such for games so I do the next best thing and enjoy others work.
  19. SunGoddess23

    Work in Progress Pokemon: Dusk Purple Version

    I'm loving how this game looks Lucius is really adorable too, I will say he is my favorite cat Pokemon, that is if he really is a Pokemon. And all the starters are so cute. I may have to go with Charmander though, I didn't start playing red or blue as my first Pokemon game it was yellow so had...
  20. SunGoddess23

    Demo Pokemon Retold

    I found a bug I believe, I was just testing it out and turned off Exp. All and when I did it turned into the TM for Fire Punch.