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  1. King_Waluigi

    Completed Pokemon Nimbus

    King_Waluigi presents... POKEMON NIMBUS! WELCOME TO THE ADYNE REGION! The Adyne Region is fairly new to hosting its own "Pokemon League." In fact, the introduction of Gyms in the region only happened about twenty or so years ago! The creation of the Elite Four happened only five years ago...
  2. King_Waluigi

    Resource Easy to Use Hidden Power Checker! (For v18.1 and v19.1)

    King_Waluigi submitted a new resource: Easy to Use Hidden Power Checker! (v18.1) - An easy to use Hidden Power Checker that provides Type and Power! Read more about this resource...
  3. King_Waluigi

    Resource Free to Use Mega Evolutions

    King_Waluigi submitted a new resource: Free to Use Mega Evolutions - Spruce up your game with some original Mega Evolutions! Read more about this resource...
  4. King_Waluigi

    Completed Pokemon Axis Version

    POKEMON AXIS VERSION A GAME MADE IN ONE WEEK (4/11/21-4/18/21) Welcome to the ULTIO REGION, a region full of conflict and despair. The region is split into four parts, three of which are overrun by the Axis Powers: The Void, Cellular, and Prism Empire. This game was made using RPG...
  5. King_Waluigi

    Resource Pokemon Championship Resource Graphics

    King_Waluigi submitted a new resource: Pokemon Championship Resource Graphics - Graphics for my Relic Castle Winter Game Jam entry! Read more about this resource...
  6. King_Waluigi

    Released Pokémon Championship v4.0

    Game Title: Pokémon Championship About the game: You have been welcomed to the Einth Region's Championship! The strongest trainers from Kanto to Unova arrive to compete in this tournament! Compete in the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Cup and fight various Gym Leaders, Elite Four, and even Champions...
  7. King_Waluigi

    Recruiting Pokemon Order Version Recruiting! Italian Based Region!

    Hey, King_Waluigi here! I'm developing a Pokemon fan-game based in an Italian based region. I'm using Pokemon Essentials v18 to make this game, but am also waiting for EBDX to come out. I'm looking for some people to help with: -[Gen 5 Style Pokemon Spriters] This includes Front, Back...
  8. King_Waluigi

    Crashing using Golisopod User's Mid Battle Dialogue/Scripted Battles

    I'm using the Mid Battle Dialogue/Scripted Battles thing by Golisopod User, and it keeps crashing! I'm trying to make my Gym Leaders have a thing they say when their last pokemon is sent out. Also the music is supposed to change. This first thing is the scripting, the second thing is the error.
  9. King_Waluigi

    Game Crashing in Credits

    So, I'm working on the credits for my Pokemon game, and it keeps crashing be cause of this. Please help!
  10. King_Waluigi

    Pokedex Shortcut

    So... It takes SUCH A LONG TIME to fill up the Pokedex! Is there any type of shortcut where I could edit the dex differently? Like instead of going down thee super long list, you could just type in the Pokemon you want in the dex in like the pbs?