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  1. Sederance

    Script to check Gym badges

    is there such a script in essentials?
  2. Sederance

    Introduction Thread

    Sederance here wanting to create a fan-game. I'm trudging along as I work through making the maps and finding out how to script events but it is nice to meet you all. I like to make maps, try to make designs for both people and pokemon. I've love video games for as long as I can remember so...
  3. Sederance

    Map [Legacy] Map Showcase

    Hello. This is a first-draft map for my starting town. I plan to use other tiles as soon as I make them or get permission from others. For now this is what I planned to have. I do have some cave systems ready to go but I'm in the process of remaking them in XP
  4. Sederance

    Overview Tutorials and Resources Requests

    Hello, I made some maps in MV but finally have been able to get XP so I wanted to transfer them over. Is there a way to do that?
  5. Sederance

    Other [Legacy] Project Sandbox

    Hello. I am new to the site but I wanted to try something. We know of the pokemon games as they are. With the original 150 pokemon, team rocket and Red v Blue with the gym leaders. However, this game features the. You the trainer had fallen and when you wake up you're at the beginning of your...