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  1. Marin

    Relic Castle Anniversary

    It's once again January 20, the anniversary of the Relic Castle community! We're now a whopping 6 years old, and that's worth celebrating! What's more though, we're also just about to hit 5000 members on this very forum! Thank you to each and every one of you for being and having been part of...
  2. Marin

    Is there an encryptor only from the game's PBS? I realized that some games did that. I need something like this urgently! Because when I encrypt my ga

    As long as you don't play with Debug mode enabled (i.e. from rmxp), you don't need PBS files. The compiler converts the readable PBS files to binary game data files. Therefore, as long as you have valid data files, you do not need the PBS folder at all and can delete it. If you play with Debug...
  3. Marin

    Marin's PBS Editor

    It does not and will not have a v18 version. It may still work for a select few PBS files that remained unchanged, but it's not supported anymore.
  4. Marin

    Entertainment Word Snake

  5. Marin

    Released Dungeon Explorer

    Hey, would you mind adding a credits section, listing everyone who helped on the game and every public resource you used, whenever you've got the chance?
  6. Marin

    Entertainment Word Snake

  7. Marin

    Help with Pokemon Following

    I believe they're in Graphics\Characters.
  8. Marin

    Entertainment Lets play a letter swap forum game!

    Again, you can only change OR add OR remove one letter. Hair
  9. Marin

    Help with gender symbols

    Yeah. Install the fonts.
  10. Marin

    Entertainment Halloween Haunting

    I'm haunting @catwithnojob and giving him push notification sounds without there actually being any notifications
  11. Marin

    Entertainment Word Snake

  12. Marin

    Entertainment Halloween Haunting

    I'm haunting @Avery and adding overworld shadows to all his screenshots 😈
  13. Marin

    Entertainment Word Snake

  14. Marin

    Entertainment Word Snake

  15. Marin

    Graphic [Legacy] Screenshot Showcase

    Thread closed in favor of creating new threads!
  16. Marin

    Map [Legacy] Map Showcase

    Thread closed in favor of creating new threads!
  17. Marin

    Other [Legacy] Project Sandbox

    Thread closed in favor of creating new threads!