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  1. _pheebs

    Resource RSE Character Overworlds for RMXP

    _pheebs submitted a new resource: RSE Character Overworlds for RMXP - RSE Characters imported to RMXP for any RSE style Projects Read more about this resource...
  2. _pheebs

    How do you decide your Pokédex?

    Basically as the title says. How do you decide the Pokédex in your fangames? What thought process goes into including, or excluding Pokémon? Do you even make a Pokédex, or do you just use the entire National Pokédex?
  3. _pheebs

    Released Pokémon Starfall Version [DISCORD DEMO OUT NOW!]

    every screenshot shown is a WIP and does not fully represent the final release Pokémon Starfall Version Made in: RPG Maker XP Using: Pokémon Essentials 18 Story: At the dawn of time during the year 50BAE(before Arceus Event), the world was in disorder and was chaotic. An uncontrollable land of...
  4. _pheebs

    Completed Lost Hope v1.2 (Clay Corridor Fix)

    made using Pokémon Essentials v17.2 and RPG Maker XP Welcome to Lost Hope. Another Game by me about Pokémon, but not in the Pokémon Universe. This game does feature things that may make people uncomfortable such as: Creepy Pixel Art, "creepy" enviroments, Ghosts(?), and Domestic Themes. You...
  5. _pheebs

    Completed Experimental Gameplay [Pokecommunity 2019 Game Jam]

    Basic info: This game was created for the Pokecommunity Game Jam of April 2019, The theme was "circular" but I didn't really follow the theme. This is a game about Pokémon. But, not in the Pokemon Universe. This takes place in a Alternate Universe to the one we live in. An alternate universe...
  6. _pheebs

    Released Pokémon Primal [Demo 1 out!]

    Made by: lilbluedemon Using: RPG Maker XP, by Enterbrain Pokémon Essentials, by Flame-Guru + Maruno Pokémon Elite Battle, by Luka-SJ Once, there were two Dragons. Two Dragons that were very interlinked with Death. One Dragon was the Dragon of Vengeance, whom made people, who had suffered a...