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  1. Pepperton

    Completed Pokemon Jade

    This is a known bug unfortunately. Send me your save file and I can get you un-stuck.
  2. Pepperton

    Completed Pokemon Jade

    I send the Graphics folder to content creators upon request. I’ll DM you.
  3. Pepperton

    Completed Pokemon Jade

    Hi, this is a known bug. If you have a Pokemon with Fly in your party, you can use it to get un-stuck. Otherwise, I can manually un-stuck you. I'll DM you. No. I've heard it takes 18-20 hours. A lot of work went into those months. :) Glad you enjoyed. :)
  4. Pepperton

    Completed Pokemon Jade

    Hey everyone! Pokemon Jade is complete. The download link for the full version is here. Please look out for patches in the coming days for any important bugs that arise. Thanks, enjoy!
  5. Pepperton

    Resource PokeDex Maker

    The idea was to prevent generating images with arbitrarily large file size, but I suppose 250 might have been too low. If most people want that to be increased, it'll be an easy change.
  6. Pepperton

    PokeDex Maker 1.0

    why - got a lot of requests to see the whole PokeDex of my project, was too lazy to make the image manually, so I started working on this tool how - - download tool from the link(s) below - input the path to your essentials project in the top-most textbox of the gui - optional: if you want to...
  7. Pepperton

    Resource PokeDex Maker

    Pepperton submitted a new resource: PokeDex Maker - a tool that generates a PokeDex image from your Essentials project data Read more about this resource...
  8. Pepperton

    Completed Pokemon Jade

    Hey everyone! We made a trailer for the final release of the game. Check it out!
  9. Pepperton

    Completed Pokemon Jade

    Thanks for the comment, hope you enjoy! Some updates since I last posted! I pushed out v2.1 a week or two ago to fix some pesky bugs found in the initial release, so make sure you have that version - all download links should lead to the newest version. Secondly, the full sprite-dex is...
  10. Pepperton

    Resource Rock Climb with Overworld Animation

    I posted this in a review, but I wanted to expand on it, so moving here: Initial review: The script works great and the animation looks pretty nice, though it is a pain to have to manually change the OW of the character in each frame. I did have to change line 264 in the script in order to get...
  11. Pepperton

    Completed Pokemon Jade

    If you enjoyed the v1.x beta of Pokemon Jade, get ready to continue your journey further into the depths of the Ario region in the v2.0 update! This update doubles the amount of gym badges you are able to obtain and contains a ton of new areas to explore - not to mention a lot more plot to...
  12. Pepperton

    Wild Encounter Level Spike

    Hey all! I came across a peculiar issue today. I wanted to split the route I was working on, Route 12, into two maps as it was going to be fairly long one. So, I created the two maps in RMXP, both named Route 12, one parented by the other. I added encounter data to both of them, and then C/Ped...
  13. Pepperton

    thank you!

    thank you!
  14. Pepperton

    will do!

    will do!
  15. Pepperton

    mega nz is pretty good!!

    mega nz is pretty good!!
  16. Pepperton

    Completed Pokemon Jade

    it should already be a permanent link if you click the discord logo on the first post. let me know if it's not working for you
  17. Pepperton

    thanks! im pretty busy with jade but if you have some concepts i can take a look at, i might...

    thanks! im pretty busy with jade but if you have some concepts i can take a look at, i might have time to do some
  18. Pepperton

    well ive been spriting most of the fakemon for jade myself, so if you think the ones i did are...

    well ive been spriting most of the fakemon for jade myself, so if you think the ones i did are good, then yes. it's your opinion, really
  19. Pepperton

    Completed Pokemon Jade

    Discord link is fixed. So psyched you're liking it! More bug fixes uploaded just now.
  20. Pepperton

    Completed Pokemon Jade

    Hope you have fun with it! 8) Thank you so much! Another update for you guys. I've uploaded a new version that contains more bug fixes and I've decided to compress the game data the standard RMXP method because after seeing several others stream and play the game with odd errors, I realized...