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  1. Alcanik

    Iron Mapper IRONMAPPER Season 5: Discussion

    Can't wait to join this time. Speculation on the themes?
  2. Alcanik

    Recruiting Pokémon Veize Continuation (Pokémon Essentials)

    Lemme just bump this... Everyone listed is still needed
  3. Alcanik

    Recruiting Pokémon Veize Continuation (Pokémon Essentials)

    Having worked on Pokémon Veize for a month for the game jam I realised that I am unable to make a good game. Although I do believe my mapping was not terrible, It is quite evident that I have no talent for pixelart and coding. As of right now I'm recruiting one or two artists and a coder? (I...
  4. Alcanik

    Released Pokémon Veize Demo

    Update v0.1.4: (New Year's Update!) GAME IS BROKEN RIGHT NOW I WILL FIX IT ON THE NEXT MAJOR UPDATE!!! - Added a new quest to the Veize Resort. -Added some new NPCs. -Changed the balancing slightly. (I will change It a lot in the future) -Fixed a lot of bugs. Sorry for being so late, Uni's...
  5. Alcanik

    Released Pokémon Veize Demo

    Game Title: Pokémon Veize v0.1.4 Game Download: Made Using: RPG MAKER XP (Pokémon Essentials v.17.2) Team: Alcanik Notes: WARNING!!!: On the 6th Day the storm weather effect is used. If you have epilepsy or any other...
  6. Alcanik

    Pokémon Veize Resource Pack Game Jam #6 0.1

    This Resource pack has some snow tiles and also some UI sprites. Of course there's some music and edited protagonist OWs and back/front sprites.
  7. Alcanik

    Resource Pokémon Veize Resource Pack Game Jam #6

    Alcanik submitted a new resource: Pokémon Veize Resource Pack Game Jam #6 - Used in the Pokémon Veize Demo Read more about this resource...