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  1. boris_morris

    Resource Winter Jam 2 Pokémon Technology

    boris_morris submitted a new resource: Winter Jam 2 Pokémon Technology - Resource Pack Read more about this resource...
  2. boris_morris

    Completed Pokémon: Technology

    Game Title: Pokémon: Technology Game Screenshots: Game Download: Change Log Made Using: RMXP, Pokémon Essentials Team: me Notes: This game is not to be taken seriously. Like at all. It's mostly bad puns and a series of exercises where I tried to learn to event puzzles and such...
  3. boris_morris

    Switch event locations event has me stumped

    I'm trying to create a map that is an array of holes with digletts that appear (seemingly) at random out of different holes for various amounts of time. If a player steps in a hole when there is no diglett, I want the player to fall down the hole and pop out a different one (managed that). If...