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  1. Wiispeed03

    Released Pokemon Edge of Reality (v2.08)

    Introduction & Story Welcome to Pokemon Edge of Reality, a game that brings a new and fascinating twist to the fan game genre! Here, you'll be thrust into an alternate reality with a brand new region to explore, known as Kavoenn. You'll experience and encounter many similar faces that you've...
  2. Wiispeed03

    Every save I create becomes corrupted?

    To get to the point. My game being worked on is playing fine, so I copied the game to the desktop and changed the configuration for where to save the game to. Then, I created a new game and saved the file after I started. But when I go to open up the file again, I get the End of File reached...
  3. Wiispeed03

    Panoramas not filling the background

    I was testing out panoramas and I didn't think this was natural for a background Whenever I walk in any direction, the panorama scrolls with the character. I'm using the smallest map size at 20x15 and I tried doubling or even tripling the size of the picture and it makes no difference in the...
  4. Wiispeed03

    Calling Title Screen after Losing in a Nuzlocke?

    I recently installed JV's nuzlocke script. It works perfectly, however I wanted to make it so after you lose a battle (no matter if canlose is set to true or false) you would be sent back to the title screen and have to reload your previous save. Here's what I was trying to do: The script...