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  1. Xyphien

    Work in Progress Pixacrea - Creature Collecting Game

    Synopsis: You start on your 18th birthday deciding to become a Pixa Battler, after taking a small test you're given a Pixa as your starting companion which you'll then be able to level up, and go through the world battling others. The game will have some basic creature collecting mechanics you'd...
  2. Xyphien

    How to change grass to something else to catch pokemon?

    Is there anyway to turn walking in grass to something else in the game? I'm assuming there is but I haven't been able to find anything on it. I'd like to instead have it so you walk through flowers and not grass to find them.
  3. Xyphien

    Pixacrea feedback - Unique characters & more

    I'm making a board game that's very unique (and nothing like pokemon at all), but I decided as a fun personal side project (not representing the company at all) to turn it into a pokemon style game. The game will have 185 pixa's to collect. Here's a little bit of the artwork for the game, I'd...