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  1. itman312

    Short-term Mappers needed

    I have a game that I completed solo called Pokémon: Old Amber. However, one area of weakness I have is making really good maps. That's why I am recruiting for Pokémon: Old Amber Redux. The idea here is to recruit experienced mappers to revamp the game's maps and make them more interesting, using...
  2. itman312

    Completed Pokémon: Old Amber

    Pokémon: Old Amber is a fairly substantial remake of the Gen 2 games Gold/Silver/Crystal. This game will allow you to catch all Pokémon from the first 7 generations. Changelog v1.0.5: Fixed warning messages when using certain stat raising moves like Ominous Wind. Fixed...
  3. itman312

    Triggering event upon depositing pokemon

    When I deposit a particular pokemon species holding a particular item into the PC, I want to be able to change that item. I'm assuming I can check for the held item with something like this: if isConst?(pkmn.item,PBItems,:QUICKCLAW) or something like that. The problem is finding out where in...