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    Recruiting Looking for a Tileset Artist and a Writer

    POKEMON RESILIENCE [Recruiting Writer and Tileset Artist] Progress/Screenshots: Splooto is our wonderful fakemon artist and including the zebra the rest of the one's we have publicized are there in that folder! Method of...
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    Recruiting Looking for a Partner

    This is something that wouldn't really be applicable here, but I guess it's team recruitment. So I'm looking for a game dev partner. Just one other person. Looking to recruit: An artist? Anyone with design expertise and can do pixel art decently. Project Title: Pokemon Resilience. Team...
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    Freelance Composing

    [Freelance] Expertise: Composing Examples of Work: Method of Contact: DM on reliccastle, then further communication Timezone: PST
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    Creative Electiwirez's Tracks

    You can find all my other tracks here: Wasn't able to post all of my links :( Hello everyone! ^ Above ^ are some of the most recent tracks that I have composed. Most of them are just instrumental remix's of popular songs already made. I might do a few...