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    Good idea

    Good idea
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    Questions & Feedback Thread

    You're welcome to compile graphics into RPGXP format yourself and provide a link to the original + credits.
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    Solved Issue saving projects

    Make sure to change the game title of your project. In RPG Maker XP, from the top bar select Game, then Change Title. Games with the same title will use the same save data, so anything called "Pokemon Essentials" will end up reusing the same save file. It's very important that you change this...
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    just did

    just did
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    Completed Pokémon Birdcall

    Just a heads up that we're working on v1.2 of Birdcall... and we're looking to finally include the post-game and a bunch of other tweaks and additions. No ETA, but stay tuned! If you've played the game and have any feedback, suggestions, or comments: please send them via DM to either Aki or...
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    Completed Pokémon Birdcall

    Thanks for the report, sorry that happened to you! We'll definitely look into it. And glad you found that enjoyable! I figured if we're going to include hidden items, we should probably add an Itemfinder. And if we're adding an Itemfinder, we should make sure there's lots of hidden items. What...
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    Relic Castle Game Jam #4: Discussion

    The final results for the game jam are posted! Check them out! Once again, thank you to everyone who entered the game jam this year. You're all incredibly talented folks, and I look forward to seeing what the rest of the year holds for all of you!
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    Relic Castle Game Jam #4: Results + Community Choice Poll

    With a tie in the poll, both Pokémon Birdcall and Pokémon Journey have won the community choice poll! Congratulations to @Aki and @Tomix9tomix!
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    Pokemon Essentials Takedown

    We've taken this sort of thing into consideration. Don't worry too much about it!
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    Pokemon Essentials Takedown

    I want to clear a couple things up; specifically how this relates to the fan game community and Relic Castle itself. When me and Atomic Reactor started Relic Castle in 2014-2015, it was a different landscape for fan games. These types of take downs were incredibly uncommon, and you could count...
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    Pokemon Essentials Takedown

    On Relic Castle? Yes, we just aren't allowing the distribution of Essentials itself. Business as usual otherwise though,
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    Pokemon Essentials Takedown

    Alright, enough. I'll be deleting any future fear mongering, now isn't the time for it. It doesn't accomplish anything, nor does it help anyone. I know this is a sensitive topic, but it always amazes me how many armchair lawyers come out of the woodwork during these sorts of things.
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    Completed Pokémon Birdcall

    Hey guess what!? We've got a new version of Pokémon Birdcall ready for release. Wow! This release still doesn't contain the post game content we'd like to include at some point, but it does have various bug fixes, tweaks, and some new NPCs. Take a look for yourself! Go grab the download...
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    Relic Castle Game Jam #4: Results + Community Choice Poll

    13 ENTRIES 2 JUDGE SPOTLIGHTS 1 COMMUNITY CHOICE SPOTLIGHT Results Thread Overview Thread - Pre-Results Discussion Thread Thoughts And that's our fourth game jam down! While we had less entries than last year (although to be fair, there was a ridiculous amount of entries last year) we still...
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    Completed Pokémon Castaway

    I love it. This game is absolutely excellent. The amount of detail that went into the presentation and polish of this game are awesome. I can appreciate the small touches as both a player and another developer. The mapping is superb, the music choice is pleasant, the fogs and ambience are on...
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    Completed Pokémon Kronos

    This game is decent, and has good ideas at the core... but I have some pretty hefty gripes with it. The game opens you with a huge exposition dump instead of easing the player into the game. It's understandable that the player is in the middle of going against the evil team, but there should...
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    Demo Pokemon Ultra Jam!

    It's a nice game idea, but it feels much more like a tech demo than a game. I really hope you do expand on it, though. I've not really seen a fan game take on ultra space in a meaningful way yet!
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    Completed Pokémon Journey

    I enjoyed this game! It was pretty cute, and I like the small details here and there. I thought the War Woods were cool in particular, the trainers there made me laugh. I do have some gripes with it, though. I lucked out completely on the Dusknoir section and didn't get caught, but it sounds...
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    Completed A Zoroark Among Us

    I liked this game a lot. It's one I'm excited to see you and the rest of your team make more of, and that's coming from someone who isn't usually into games where the protagonist speaks, or you play as a Pokémon. The start was a bit rough in my opinion. Some games suffer from an overabundance...
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    Completed Pokémon Experimental Traveler

    This game needs a lot of polishing. A lot of the mapping and dialogue are pretty rough; the latter having too much "random humor xD" for my tastes, but that might just be me. The idea of doing puzzles in a style similar to Portal's test chambers could make for a good game by itself, but the game...