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  1. DestinyBond

    Demo Pokémon Spectrum

    Hey Kojo, Don't wanna be nitpicky here, but the fishing minigame seems to be broken/really laggy? A
  2. DestinyBond

    Work in Progress Pokemon: Dusk Purple Version

    Elle~senpai, Love your work as always! Guess who I am!
  3. DestinyBond

    Pokemon YOU: The community made fan game

    Honestly, this should've been called Pokémon Suggestions with how this turned out... Speaking of suggestions, How about a god-like Normal type? Wait, I just described Arceus. A really strong normal type then? Regigigas. I'm describing Regigigas. A Poison-type legendary? Isn't there a Poison-type...
  4. DestinyBond

    Recruiting Doraemon Maker XP!

    You know it's hard to do? Honey, I had a book that listed all the gadgets and it had several hundreds of pages. And it was based solely on the manga. Good luck on this project.
  5. DestinyBond

    Work in Progress Pokemon: Slice of life! (SOL)(Soul)

    ...Should've waited till Visual Novel maker came out Really nice idea though, the options are really humorous, will try it soon!
  6. DestinyBond

    Work in Progress Pokémon Conquest: Shogun's Path

    Oh. My. God. Tell me I'm dreaming, 'cuz this is unreal. I love this so much!!!
  7. DestinyBond

    Demo Pokemon Titan (16 gyms demo)

    Oh god, I hate being an asshole, but I couldn't resist but make a few grammar and spelling corrections. English is a second language for both you and me, and learning a second language is quite hard, so don't take these mistakes too seriously. Some of the mistakes I noticed are related to gender...
  8. DestinyBond

    Demo Pokemon Sunset (Progress Check)

    Oh, and I'm pretty sure I encountered a Lightning rod Oshawott.------------------------ Can I please keep Power? He knows False Swipe and Surf, so he's been quite helpful.
  9. DestinyBond

    Demo Pokemon Sunset (Progress Check)

    I also found a Lv. 100 Decidueye in Crystal Falls South. Is this a bug?
  10. DestinyBond

    Demo Pokemon Sunset (Progress Check)

    The bulbasaur in the tutorial isn't supposed to be a shiny, is it?
  11. DestinyBond

    Throwing Stories into the Wind

    I personally think that, rather than breeding two Pokemon together to birth a per-existing species, it should give birth to a new fakemon, just like how breeding a Lion with a tiger results in a Liger
  12. DestinyBond

    Discussion Pokemon ripoffs

    There, it has been mentioned. Also, yeah, there's a lot of unlicensed products in certain stores.
  13. DestinyBond

    Discussion Pokemon ripoffs

    Oh, the new ones aren't on mobile And it's also super laggy here's a, um, sort of wiki page of the game: Everything in this thread should be treated this way, honestly
  14. DestinyBond

    Discussion Pokemon ripoffs

    Now that I have (accidentally) killed my own thread (by not talking), I uploaded a new folder of pics of a mainland Chinese MMORPG that's basically Pokemon. It used to have three stage evolution for mons, they recently added a system of Mega evolution. It sells credits at convenience stores...
  15. DestinyBond

    Demo Pokémon Virion

    Uhh, I kept running into this bug, can you please help? I continuously couldn't get past this point
  16. DestinyBond

    Demo Pokemon Sacred Johto (Demo 2 Pre-release soon!)

    I just realized that the grass Mawile reminds me of delta Mawile from Insurgence. On the other hand, is no one gonna say buff Swampert looks like a yokai?
  17. DestinyBond

    Discussion Pokemon ripoffs

    ...dammit, I forgot to translate the Chinese. You see, in most of the apps I found, they are blatantly saying their creations are Pokemon (or just swapped parts of the term to avoid calling them Pokemon). If I remember correctly, there was even an app that boasted about bringing the Pokemon from...
  18. DestinyBond

    Creative Super Duper Butter Pixel

    *looks at sorted work* Me: Huh, not bad, I should compliment the artist. A wild Nameless shipping artwork (Alolan) appears! Me: YOU ARE MY NEW GOD THAT I SHALL WORSHIP TO
  19. DestinyBond

    Theories Behind Pokemon Weaknesses

    I know that the bug weak to fire was explained, but in my head cannon, the weakness is from the idiom 「燈蛾撲火, 自取滅亡」, which according to yahoo! answers, "A moth attracted by flame should cause an event of self-destruction." is the best translation. I just saw that the entire bug type spectrum as...