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  1. Rhyden

    Resource Hitmon! Jam - Resource Pack

    Rhyden submitted a new resource: Hitmon! Jam - Resource Pack - Come on and slam, and welcome to the *part where you share all the stuff you made* Read more about this resource...
  2. Rhyden

    Completed Hitmon! Jam

    Plot: Have you ever thought to yourself "Man, I wish I could play as a Machamp?" Me neither, but I made a game where you do anyways. In Hitmon! Jam, you're a Machamp who takes up the Journey of Traditions on Melee Mountain. Your goal is to defeat the three Masters of Fighting, Hitmonchan...
  3. Rhyden

    Adding Another HP Bar Color For Poisoned Pokémon

    So I figured this out by myself (thanks to @Sparta for telling me to look at the script for Antidote). Under the line that says "hpzone=2" you add this line of code: Then all you have to do is add a fourth color of purple or whatever in the array under the red color.
  4. Rhyden

    Resource 7th Gen Pokemon Cries for Every Species

    Raiden submitted a new resource: 7th Gen Pokemon Cries for Every Species - Updated Cries for Every Pokémon Between Gens 1-7. Read more about this resource...
  5. Rhyden

    Creative Boss Baby Fanart

    Please post :^]
  6. Rhyden

    Pokémon Brick Bronze - A Quickish Review

    A Quickish Review Of:Pokémon Brick Bronze I'll be honest, when I heard there was a Pokémon fan game created inside of Roblox, I asked myself, "Has science gone too far?" I know what some people are thinking already. "Eww, Roblox? I'm never touching that." You know what? If you're that person...