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  1. HollowGap

    Recruiting A Zoroark Among Us - Recruitment Thread

    After the devs took too much break time from the last game jam, finally the project is kicking again! A Zoroark Among Us - Recruitment Thread > What is the game about? A Zoroark attempts a Pokemon Trainer disguise to protect himself from being caught by a poaching organization. Also, it’s...
  2. HollowGap

    Resource A Zoroark Among Us - Public Resource

    HollowGap submitted a new resource: A Zoroark Among Us - Public Resource - looped music Read more about this resource...
  3. HollowGap

    Released A Zoroark Among Us

    ____________________________________________________________________________________ Set in faraway region of Idinsa, a lone Zoroark must prepare himself for the inevitable: He can’t hide forever. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Download...
  4. HollowGap

    The Pokemon League - What purpose they serve?

    One popular organization but less mentioned in the game is not the antagonistic Villain Team, but rather, the Pokemon League. Johto and Kanto have Indigo League. Alola has kahuna and trial system rather than gyms, which are present in most of the official games. Hoenn and Sinnoh have Battle...
  5. HollowGap

    Discussion How much time do you spent on...

    I was about to type one specific activity, but why not for everything else? Answer one, then ask one in return. How much time do you spent on you project on daily/weekly basis?