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  1. Krahssen

    FPS drops to 4-9 in moves menu

    Hello, I have quite a troublesome problem on the battle scene. My battles withOUT EBS are perfect, without lag or fps drops but when I open the attack menu (when I can select the 4 attacks) my fps drops to 4-9. If I leave that menu everything will be perfect again. I looked at the...
  2. Krahssen

    Rename the player and then return his old name

    Hi, I wanted to know how I can save the player's name, then change it during an event (with pbTrainerName), and then return his old name. Thank you!
  3. Krahssen

    Problem with [906] Pokémon

    Hello! I was writing to report an error that I do not know how to solve. When I add a new Pokemon (Fakemon) I have no problem until I use the number [906] in "pokemon.txt". From here, if I add this Fakemon to the regional Pokédex, I will get this error when I open the Pokédex: I use Pokemon...
  4. Krahssen

    Problem on the options screen

    Hello! I have a doubt for quite some time and I don't know how to solve it. My game has no lag problems for now, however when opening the options screen (and the debug screen, although this is not so important) the game slows it down when I move through the options. What could be causing it?
  5. Krahssen

    Problem with large screen

    Hello, first, sorry for my English. I recently found a problem and wanted to know if anyone could help me. When I start the game in the medium size (512x384) everything is perfect and if you change the screen to large from the options, it continues to work well. The bug appears when I save the...
  6. Krahssen

    "Task manager" stabilizes the fps

    Hi! I have a very strange problem and I would like to know if there is any solution. When I have the task manager open (control + alt + delete and selecting task manager in Windows 10) the game doesn't fall below from 59 fps, but the moment I close it I get 20-40 fps. Simply opening the Task...
  7. Krahssen

    About Multiple fogs

    Hello, I wanted to know if there is any way to put multiple fogs. I need a fog for the lights and another moving fog to simulate mist. I was looking for a script but I only found outdated scripts. Does anyone know any way to get it? Thank you!
  8. Krahssen

    How can I stop the BGM suddenly?

    The events only allow me fade out the BGM, but I would like to know how I can stop it suddenly. Thank you!
  9. Krahssen

    Problem with pauses (stuttering in overworld move) and tearing

    Hello! First, sorry for my English. First problem: Doing my fangame in RPG Maker XP with the base Pokémon Essentials 17.2 I notice a few pauses when my character walks (about 0.3 ms). My FPS works perfectly, but those pauses are uncomfortable to look at. I don'tt think it's a problem to use...
  10. Krahssen

    How to change the Trainer Card depending on a variable

    Hi! I have a question about the Trainer Card. How can I change the background and graphics of my trainer card depending on a variable of three options in an event? For example: If I choose Bulbasaur, my Trainer Card base changes to a green, if I choose Squirtle to a blue one, etc Sorry for my...
  11. Krahssen

    PokeGear NameError

    Suddenly I get this error when I try to open it: