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  1. Karthik_

    Work in Progress Pokemon Dregs

    Welcome to Pokémon: Dregs edition! Base: Pokémon Essentials v18.1 Here are some screenshots: (screenshots subject to change) Features include: Discord: karthi#0653 Team: Credits:
  2. Karthik_

    v18 How to access only Pokemon Storage in Pc

    Hi, guys I'm working on a fan game,using essentials 18.1,and our admin needs there is only access to Pokemon storage in pokecenter and there is no person's (players) storage, is it possible?, I tried in script but I won't work please help me guys.
  3. Karthik_

    v18 Help with gender symbols

    Hi,i'm updating my game essentials 17.3 to 18.1 but I encountered a problem on pokemon battling I dont know how to solve that please help me. Issue : gender symbol is very close to level of a pokemon both enemy and alies,please anyone provide solution?
  4. Karthik_

    Recruiting Pokemon Dregs

    Hello guys I'm a lead developer in"Pokemon Dregs", Using Pokemon Essentials 18.1. We are requiring some roles in this game they are, Roles: 1.Spriter's 2.Artist's Synopsis: Only terrible or obscure Pokemon (final evolutions have below 475 base stat totals) are found in the Detritus region...