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    github-dev Ability Magician not triggering

    I noticed this line at the top of the proc for Magician: next if !battle.futureSight which seems to mean that unless the move being used is Future Sight, the ability will not fire. I'm pretty sure it should be the opposite, however: next if battle.futureSight
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    github-dev Debug Variables not updating Events

    When I change a variable's value in Debug mode, events that use that variable as a condition trigger don't respond to the change. For example, if I have an autorun event with a condition trigger of Variable 001 >= 4, then if I go into Debug mode and change Variable 001's value to 4, the event...
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    github-dev Duel Minigame Typo

    There's a typo in PMinigame_Duel on line 67: sprites["opponentwindow"].x -= distandistance_per_framecePerFrame I assume it needs to be set to "distance_per_frame".
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    Recruiting Pokemon Dark Rising 3

    Hi! I am one of the programmers for Pokemon Dark Rising 3, which uses Pokemon Essentials v18.1 on RPG Maker XP. Description: Dark Rising 3 is currently in production and is the final sequel to the Dark Rising franchise. Dark Rising 3 begins nine years after Order Destroyed. Our main heroes are...
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    v18 Function pbLoadRpgxpScene

    The function "pbLoadRpgxpScene(scene)" crashes after the player exits out of the scene they just entered. Here is the code for reference: def pbLoadRpgxpScene(scene) return if !$scene.is_a?(Scene_Map) oldscene = $scene $scene = scene Graphics.freeze oldscene.disposeSpritesets...
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    Resource RMXP Event Exporter

    NettoHikari submitted a new resource: RMXP Event Exporter - Exports all events into a single text file Read more about this resource...
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    Resource Nuzlocke Permadeath

    NettoHikari submitted a new resource: Nuzlocke Permadeath - Provides Nuzlocke-style permadeath for Pokemon battles Read more about this resource...
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    Resource Multiple Protagonists

    NettoHikari submitted a new resource: Multiple Protagonists - Plug-and-play script to add multiple player characters Read more about this resource...