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  1. DerxwnaKapsyla

    Tutorial Hidden Encounters

    DerxwnaKapsyla submitted a new resource: Hidden Encounters - A sort of expansion upon the Audino/Rustling Grass from Gen 5 Read more about this resource...
  2. DerxwnaKapsyla

    Resource Pretty Authentic HgSs Apricorn Trees

    DerxwnaKapsyla submitted a new resource: Pretty Authentic HgSs Apricorn Trees - Who needs recolored Headbutt Trees when you can have the Real Stuff:tm: Read more about this resource...
  3. DerxwnaKapsyla

    v18 Hall of Fame PC option crashes game

    Replicated on vanilla v18.1; When trying to access the Hall of Fame option on the PC after recording an entry, the game crashes.
  4. DerxwnaKapsyla

    v18 Struggle not being used when out of moves

    Tested in Essentials v18.1, if a Pokemon on the field has their only move disabled, they do not use struggle.
  5. DerxwnaKapsyla

    v18 Truant causes the opposing Pokemon to stop attacking after 3~4 activations

    Tested in Essentials v18.1, if the player has a Pokemon with Truant on the field, the opposing Pokemon stops attacking after roughly three activations of Truant (so about six turns in).
  6. DerxwnaKapsyla

    v18 Elixir-like items don't work in battle

    After having spent about two hours throwing my computer against a wall trying to figure out why my custom item wasn't working, I had a realization, and indeed discovered that Elixir-like items aren't working in battle in Vanilla 18.1 or
  7. DerxwnaKapsyla

    v18 Toxic icon not updating properly

    After some experimentation with my own project and vanilla v18.1, I noticed that the Toxic icon doesn't properly update when applied. You can reproduce this by laying down two layers of toxic spikes in a double battle with more than two pokemon, defeating one of the pokemon, letting the new one...
  8. DerxwnaKapsyla

    v18 EXP fill sound not playing

    The filename was changed in v18 of Essentials to "Pkmmn exp full"
  9. DerxwnaKapsyla

    Resource Generation 7 Sprite Pack

    DerxwnaKapsyla submitted a new resource: Generation 7 Sprite Pack - Converted pack from publicly available assets Read more about this resource...
  10. DerxwnaKapsyla

    v18 Certain items not working in trainer battles

    Certain items that should be usable in battle by the AI are currently not working- most notably X-Items. While I haven't done extensive testing to check the other items, I have confirmed the issue present in unmodified v18.1. Below are screenshots from my own project, but it's reproducible by...
  11. DerxwnaKapsyla

    v18 FrLg font spacing incorrect

    The FrLg font has incorrect spacing on the move summary screen (and probably elsewhere, I didn't check- i just went to reproduce and figure out what was going on). For comparison proof, here's what the FrLg font looks like (left), side by side with the Emerald font (right). It's shifting up by...
  12. DerxwnaKapsyla

    Dev Kit Touhoumon 1.812x Essentials

    ---------------- Welcome back to another round of "Derxwna Makes Games", starring your venerable host and Badman themselves, Derxwna Kapsyla! Except, today we aren't presenting just a game! No, today I bring you the revival of an old project- the Touhoumon Essentials Development Starter Kit-...
  13. DerxwnaKapsyla

    Tutorial Overworld-Style Wild Encounters

    DerxwnaKapsyla submitted a new resource: Overworld-Style Wild Encounters - It's like Let's Go, except with less charm and more ease of access Read more about this resource...
  14. DerxwnaKapsyla

    Resource Trainer Intro Themes

    DerxwnaKapsyla submitted a new resource: Trainer Intro Themes - Y'know, a feature that often gets overlooked when making trainers Read more about this resource...
  15. DerxwnaKapsyla

    Released Yitria Resurrection

    [Proper banner forthcoming. Please wait warmly] "On the ancient fields of Kaiyomi, a catastrophic battle between two entities occurred, resulting in the complete change of the Zirconial Continent forever... now, far into the future, their conflict will finally reach its conclusion."...
  16. DerxwnaKapsyla

    Placeholder Resources

    Graphical assets can be hard to come by, even public ones sometimes don't fit the particular niches. More often than not, people resort to using placeholders in development, and sometimes when they finish development people get hung up on graphics to the point that they never release what they...
  17. DerxwnaKapsyla

    Resource Generation 6 Sprite Pack

    DerxwnaKapsyla submitted a new resource: Pokemon Generation 6 Battle Sprites - Because the only thing really missing for Gen 6 in Essentials is converted sprites Read more about this resource...
  18. DerxwnaKapsyla

    Story vs. Gameplay - How Important Is Each

    A very simple discussion thread, inspired by a lot of talk about it in the past. In a nutshell, what would you say is important to fan-game development: the Story (Setting, Lore, Main Scenario, Side Quests, etc.) or the Gameplay (Mechanics, Balance, Length of Time, Difficulty:Reward, etc)...
  19. DerxwnaKapsyla

    Creative What do you think about map commissions?

    I've posed this idea before in a few other places but never really gotten any feedback outside my own friend circle, so I feel like posting it to a bit of a larger community. Basically, people take commissions for a lot of things; fan art, fanfiction, sometimes entire games get commissioned...
  20. DerxwnaKapsyla

    Tutorial Defining trainer Pokémon's EVs (Crosspost)

    DerxwnaKapsyla submitted a new resource: Defining trainer Pokémon's EVs (Crosspost) - Full customization over an AI Trainer's Pokemon is now doable Read more about this resource...