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  1. Aryesh

    Entertainment Word Snake

  2. Aryesh

    Entertainment Word Snake

  3. Aryesh

    Entertainment Word Snake

  4. Aryesh

    Completed Escape from Dream World

    Hey, when I tried to open dream caller I got error telling :no such file Or directory in graphics /pictures/ Ariel.png
  5. Aryesh

    Completed Pokémon Mobius

    Oh finally u have made and post game for rc jam and your mapping is nice
  6. Aryesh

    Released Pokémon Splice

    I have been watching your live streams creating this game and finally now I can play it Good job bro
  7. Aryesh

    Released Pokemon: The Giant Torterra

    What game u made nice is the region india
  8. Aryesh

    Completed Escape from Dream World

    Under water I like it
  9. Aryesh

    Completed Hunter & Raymond

    The heroes are villain or vice versa
  10. Aryesh

    Released Latent - Prologue

    Very dark game floo or fool
  11. Aryesh

    Released Pokemon: Lament of the Children

    Is it a good game
  12. Aryesh

    Released Pokemon Tempo Rising

    Again a fantastic and 😎(cool) game.
  13. Aryesh

    Released Fire-Type Emblem

    The game is different and it's not made by essential.
  14. Aryesh

    Released Pokemon This Gym of Mine

    On the first route to umber town there is a trainer whose pokemon are of level 32 or above, is that an mistake. And the game is amazing and I ❤😘 it.
  15. Aryesh

    Released Pokemon Unvoiced

    Good game, but I think you are doing it like the zoroak among us.
  16. Aryesh

    Completed Pokémon Daycare

    First, this game is nice and beautiful. Loving and caring is also needed to pokemon. Second, you can update this game with the features of stardew valley or moon harvest, it's like farming game for pokemons. Third, this game idea is so nice, I really appreciate you for this game.
  17. Aryesh

    Adding Roller Skates

    Hello there ,this script will give you the functionality of using skates like an item. so first paste this script above main. Then you need to make roller_skate item in items. txt So paste this in new in items. txt before running the game Graphics_link---...
  18. Aryesh

    Resource Adding Roller Skates

    Aryesh submitted a new resource: Adding Roller Skates - It will add roller_skates as an item all functionality Read more about this resource...