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  1. Omegas

    Released Pokemon This Gym of Mine

    Pokemon This Gym of Mine You are the newest Gym Leader for Umbal City! Battle Trainers that challenge you, spruce up the city, and help out the citizens! How you do it is all up to you! Screenshots: Downloads: Mediafire link: Pokemon This Gym of Mine v 2.0 Google Drive link: Pokemon This Gym...
  2. Omegas

    Resource Pokemon TGOM Resources

    Omegas submitted a new resource: Pokemon TGOM Resources - Some cosmetic stuff from my Game Jam game. Read more about this resource...
  3. Omegas

    Odd Sound Effect Glitch

    I have no idea how or why this is happening. I don't know if it is something I did or what. Whenever I finish a battle, the Exit Door sound effect repeats over and over and over and... The only way to stop the glitch is to close the game, which is not good for a game where your battling 99% of...
  4. Omegas

    Released Pokemon Dreams

    Hello! May I be the first to introduce to you... So far, this has been a solo project by me, and I hope to, at least, make a decent game! I cannot wait to hear what you all have to say about it, both the good and the bad. Without further ado...
  5. Omegas

    Failed to Load _ Data

    Before I begin, I'll go ahead and knock out some potential questions. I did save my work before I closed RPG Maker. I do have a back up and I did download Vanilla Essentials to replace data files if needed. With that out of the way, here is my problem. Earlier today, I was trying to load my...
  6. Omegas

    Type Error

    I tried making two new types in Pokémon Essentials, Fairy and Light. Everything was going fine, made some moves, reclassified some Pokémon, made a new evolution for Eevee, because why not. The game loaded fine in RPG Maker, but when Eevee tried to learn a new Light type move, Gallant Light. It...