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    Resource Name Windows

    Thank you, I managed how to move it properly above the message, I just had to playtest every time. Now it works!
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    Resource Name Windows

    How can I add a window skin to this script that is dark and smaller than the vanilla essentials one? or how can I put the text of that window skin much more to the bottom?
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    Graphic What do you think about my Pokemon Professor sprite?

    I just want to give you feedback and critique even I'm being a noob at spriting. The head and his face look fantastic! I made a picture of what I think of your sprite:
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    My ideas for various fangames...

    I want to share with you some ideas that I had recently. Making fangames that are based on Japanese Pokémon games that never arrived in Europe / outside of Europe and other Pokémon games like Pokémon e-Cards, Pikachu ga Pokeboru aishimasu, and other spin-offs like Pokémon Mystery Dungeon...
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    v18 PC Trainer Sprite outfit 0 doesn't show up

    Hey, I have another problem to struggle with. The Outfit 0 - Trainer Sprite of the playable character doesn't show up in the Trainer Card after the Intro Scene. The other outfits from the Trainer Sprites of the PC are displayed in the Trainer Card. But the first outfit, which is 0 isn't being...
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    Other Can anyone help me on how to make a game on Pokemon Essentials?

    You have to buy RPG Maker XP or try it for 30 days. Of course, buying is better. After you bought it, you just need to open the Essentials Game.RXPROJ with RPG Maker XP. If you still don't understand, I recommend you to watch videos on YouTube, there are plenty of videos. Just search for Pokémon...
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    Released Pokémon Splice

    I have started to play this to test it so I can give feedback to you and help you too. So I have a few critique points to say to you: 1. The Sprites above the dialogue are pixelized, it looks like B/W but it is a little too much IMO. (you could replace it with, drawn characters.) 2. The...
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    v18 How do I change the text colour from the Show Choices?

    The second time asking for help, sorry but I need to know where and how I can change the text colour of the Show choices or Conditional Branches? I'm still editing the Intro, the background is white, my textboxes are both semi-transparent and the text colour in the textbox is black, but the text...
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    v18 I need help with Trainer Outfit

    I like the second option but it sounds difficult to do. so I'll stick with the first option. Entering the name first and then choosing the outfit. Thank you very much for this precious information! You saved my life, merry Christmas to you and your family when Christmas comes.
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    Pokémon Essentials v18.1 - 28th September 2020

    Since Essentials v.17, the Pokémon Editor doesn't exist anymore. To open the RXPROJ file you have to buy RPG Maker XP and open with it, you can try RPG Maker XP for 30 days free then you have to buy it.
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    v18 I need help with Trainer Outfit

    I want the player to be able to choose his gender and when he chooses his gender one of these switches "boy" or "girl" is turned on. After this, the player is asked which skin tone he/she has, the player can choose from pale/white/tanned and black, while the player chooses one of those, a...
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    v18 How to make a Character Selection GUI like gen 8?

    I already asked this in another thread but I really need help with this, so I can finally start making my game. So, I want to have a GUI, where you can choose 1 of 4 different boys and 4 different girls. The same case as in gen 8. Where you can choose 1 of 4 different girl characters (the same...
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    Overview Tutorials and Resources Requests

    I already tried to "create" a Script based on his tutorial but with 8 images and show choices, but error messages popped up and I gave up on that. I deleted the script and saved it back in a txt file, for when I need it. For the first time, I used it, the images showed up altogether on one...
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    Overview Tutorials and Resources Requests

    It seems to work, I just need to make switches for every choice and it would be cool if there wouldn't be a confirmation message. Is there a way, I can change it so it works like gen 8 where it isn't possible to cancel and where you have to choose one character, and when choosing you have to use it?
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    Resource Deo's Custom Day & Night Tones for Essentials

    Is this Script already included in Essentials v18.1?
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    Overview Tutorials and Resources Requests

    I really want to make this script, but I don't have so much time to learn Ruby. I want a Script that let the player choose between 8 different Trainers, I already have all the sprites I need, I just need a GUI Interface, where player can choose between 4 different girls (same girl, just...
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    Other [Legacy] Project Sandbox

    Hi, I'm kinda new in this forum but I have a lot of ideas for games that could maybe be made, maybe not. I like Pokémon spin off games like Pokémon Quest and as I heard that someone made a Magikarp game in Essentials I thought that maybe it would be possible to do a Pokémon Quest kind of game...
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    How to erase font shadow in Essentials? (graphical help)

    Thank you very much, Maruno! It worked! I quoted those lines out and the shadows are gone, thank you!