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  1. TechSkylander1518

    v18 Ability Splash popping up when it isn't necessary

    I think what he's referring to is if there's any reason why the ability would be unable to inflict a status condition, the ability splash will still play, but just say "It doesn't affect X..." So, for example, if an Electric-type triggered Static, if a Pokemon with Immunity triggered Poison...
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    Resource Pokémon Mart

    Glad I could help!
  3. TechSkylander1518

    Resource Pokémon Mart

    This is telling you that you have a syntax error. That means that something has a typo in it, something misspelled or some stray character. That last comma there, the one I bolded, that needs to be removed. It's telling the game to expect something after it, but there's nothing afterwards but...
  4. TechSkylander1518

    v18 Change opponent name order

    Hm, unfortunately, that's going to be a bit trickier, because there's no single instance that defines ability messages. Lucky, though, most messages about abilities will call them using the same syntax, "battler.pbThis,battler.abilityName". If you run a search of all script sections for that...
  5. TechSkylander1518

    Completed Pokémon Rose Gold

    This isn't built as a ROM hack, it's made as an RPG Maker game. A ROM download would require rebuilding the entire game through romhacking, which is a lot harder than trying to get it to run with Wine.
  6. TechSkylander1518

    Resource Pokémon Mart

    That's saying that pbMessage isn't working with the code, which is weird, because that should just be defined by default. I'd suggest checking in Messages and making sure this is there: def pbMessage(message,commands=nil,cmdIfCancel=0,skin=nil,defaultCmd=0,&block) ret = 0 msgwindow =...
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    v18 Change opponent name order

    Nice! Let me know if you need any other fixes like that, it should be easy to find!
  8. TechSkylander1518

    v18 Change opponent name order

    It's a pretty easy change, just go to PokeBattle_Trainer and change def fullname return _INTL("{1} {2}",self.trainerTypeName,@name) end to def fullname return _INTL("{1} {2}",@name,self.trainerTypeName) end Are you sure you want to do this, though? It's not really...
  9. TechSkylander1518

    Resource DP Summary Screen

    Ohh, sorry, I thought you meant the nickname section! That's an easy fix, just remove .upcase from this line: [(PBSpecies.getName(@pokemon.species)).upcase,435-2*2,112+@fontfix,2,@base,@shadow],
  10. TechSkylander1518

    Resource DP Summary Screen

    I'm pretty sure it's already displaying with normal capitalization, since that's how it's displaying in the screencaps. Is it maybe something with your game that's generating Pokemon with all-caps names?
  11. TechSkylander1518

    v18 Dual Wielding and Dual Abilities

    Hm, I don't know how easy it would be, but in terms of what you'd need to do, here's some other things you'd have to change if you were going to implement it: If you allow for wild Pokemon to have multiple items and abilities, you'd have to change how the game generates a wild Pokemon. You said...
  12. TechSkylander1518

    Tutorial Field Effects

    Yeah, you'd just add them in item handlers like you would any other item. We can look at the code for stuff like the Electric Seed for an example of where to start: BattleHandlers::TerrainStatBoostItem.add(:ELECTRICSEED, proc { |item,battler,battle| next false if...
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    v17 Last Pokémon Dialogue + Battle Theme change without EBS

    Golisopod User actually has a whole resource for that here!
  14. TechSkylander1518

    Released Pokémon Infinity

    From the FAQ: You could also join the discord to ask for any help finding a specific Fakemon, the link's at the top.
  15. TechSkylander1518

    Resource FRLG Summary Screen and Party Screen

    Well, I can't speak for Seyuna, but romhacking and Essentials are pretty different, so it's kind of a leap of logic to assume that someone can make the same thing in a romhack that they made in Essentials. You'd probably be better off looking to see if someone else has already made something...
  16. TechSkylander1518

    Released Pokémon Spectrum

    Putting effectiveness and critical hits as notices instead of text to click through is genius!
  17. TechSkylander1518

    Resource FRLG Summary Screen and Party Screen

    What do you mean by "tutorial of"? Like how to implement it? It's already outlined in the post.
  18. TechSkylander1518

    Released (Open World) Not Another Pokemon Game Demo

    Uh, if you read that section all the way, they already explained how to get stronger moves. Also, would you really dismiss a whole game just because of a small movepool?
  19. TechSkylander1518

    v18 A few Questions.

    Hm, well, I'd try re-installing it just to see if there's been any changes since then, since it definitely looks like a problem he's aware of and fixed. You could do your own website, but that'd be a whole ordeal that would also cost money. I'd recommend just a standard file-sharing site like...