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  1. Buttjuice

    [PSDK] Non-Binary Support 1.0

    Hi there, been a while since I've contributed anything. Today I'm bringing some plug-and-play scripts that were made with the intentions to add in support for a non-binary protagonist! Please know this script sets variable 495 to a "gender" variable (0 = female, 1 = male, 2 = nb). This can be...
  2. Buttjuice

    Resource [PSDK] Non-Binary Support

    Buttjuice submitted a new resource: [PSDK] Non-Binary Support - These scripts will add in support for those who wish to add non-binary (or third) protagonist choice Read more about this resource...
  3. Buttjuice

    Released Latent - Prologue

    This was probably one of my favorite jams I've ever played, while being short it was still really different and had it's own charm. I'm 100% looking forward to future updates. I am really liking the world that you're creating and I can not wait to see more! The game is pretty mysterious, but you...
  4. Buttjuice

    Released Fire-Type Emblem

    Not gonna lie, I was really blown away with this entry, it's a shame that I can't seem to figure out what you're suppose to do at the second battle. There seems to be no way you can win in the second battle, not by actually fighting which is the only thing I think you can do, thus results in the...
  5. Buttjuice

    Resource Following Pokemon

    These are realllly cool! Thanks Aki ^^
  6. Buttjuice

    Some v17.2 Fixes

    I found some bugs through testing and playing other fan games on v17.2 and figured I could try and fix them and post them so others can fix up their games while they wait for v18. May update if I find more as I currently only have found a few. If you have any fixes that you have made and want to...
  7. Buttjuice

    Tutorial Some v17.2 Fixes

    Buttjuice submitted a new resource: Some v17.2 Fixes - Some common bugs that I've found and fixed. Read more about this resource...
  8. Buttjuice

    Resource RubyHost in English

    Buttjuice updated RubyHost in English with a new update entry: RubyHost in English Read the rest of this update entry...
  9. Buttjuice

    RubyHost in English - Update #1

    translated some more text, added buttons to easily edit the zone name and the trainer class (same download link)
  10. Buttjuice

    Dev Kit Pokémon SDK

    I've updated the RubyHost quite a bit, you can get it here or here. :)
  11. Buttjuice

    RubyHost in English 1.0

    RubyHost in English for PSDK RubyHost is used to edit information in PSDK, there was an English version before but there was still a lot of French left in, so I went through and translated quite a bit. If I missed anything, feel free to report it and I'll try to fix it soon. :) RubyHost...
  12. Buttjuice

    Resource RubyHost in English

    Buttjuice submitted a new resource: RubyHost in English - I've translated a good majority of RubyHost to English for PSDK. Read more about this resource...
  13. Buttjuice

    Recruiting Pokémon Umbra Recruitment

    Updated team members since we've recruited a few people. Still looking for someone to make cries and animate sprites in a gen 5 style!
  14. Buttjuice

    The Next Generation

    You’ll be missed Deo! You’ve been nothing but nice and welcoming to me. I did kind of expect this after I saw a tweet about you being done with fangames, but it’s still saddening to see such a dedicated, warmhearted person leave the community. I’m confident Marin will do a great job as the new...
  15. Buttjuice

    How to properly formulate base EXP yield for Fakémon

    Please note this is for the gen 5+ way of getting the base EXP yield, and you can test it on official Pokémon if you don't believe me, for whatever reason. Since I've started a Fakémon project I was just comparing the Fakémon we were making to already existing ones, but I recently got curious...