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    Moves Text Color

    Hey there! Someone can help me? I've tried very ways to change the color of the moves, but don't change! Obs: I've changed in PokeBattle_SceneConstants
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    Switch Error

    When my Pokémon faints, I can't use my other Pokémon, someone can help me solve it? Please T_T Video: Edit: In the video I have 2 Pokémon (1 Cyndaquil and 1 Bulbasaur)
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    Mega Evolutions

    Someone can help me? I'm beginner in Pokémon Essentials, I have made everything to add Mega Evolutions in the game, but don't works :( I have created a new item "Key Stone" to activate mega evolution in battle in Items.txt: 1153,KEYSTONE,Key Stone,Key Stones,8,0,"A stone filled with an...