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    v18 Is there a script for a Nuzlocke that works in Pokémon essentials v18 ?

    Those lines in PokemonItemEffects were meant to disable revival items like Revive, Max Revive, and Revival Herb. What you would need to do in v18 is go to script section PItem_ItemEffects and find all 3 instances of this line: if !pkmn.fainted? and replace it with: if !pkmn.fainted? ||...
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    v18 Is there a script for a Nuzlocke that works in Pokémon essentials v18 ?

    Have you tried JV's Nuzlocke script? It looks like it works for v18 but needs a slight fix, based on the last few comments in the thread. Also, I have written a partial Nuzlocke script here: However...
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    Other Adding Dual-type moves in v16

    It's actually a v16/v17 bug, but apparently fixed in v18. I answered in the PC thread here:
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    Other Pickup Messages after battle?

    Oh sorry, I didn't know you were on v17.2, the code I wrote above is for v18. In that case, the variable name is actually "pokemon" instead of "pkmn". So the code you actually need to replace is: pokemon.setItem(items[i]) and the code you need to replace it with is...
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    v18 background modification (targets)

    The message box graphics are inside the "Graphics/Battlebacks/" folder. The default message box (as shown in your screenshot) is called "indoor1_message.png", but you will need to edit all of the images that end with "_message.png" to get an updated graphic for all battle backgrounds.
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    v18 Battle Error

    I can't open the attachment for some reason. Maybe try uploading it to imgur and posting the link to that?
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    Other Pickup Messages after battle?

    Look in script section PField_Battles, under the function "def pbPickup(pkmn)". The line where the Pokemon actually gains an item is this:pkmn.setItem(items[i]) So you can edit this line to instead store the item in the Bag and display a message, like so: $PokemonBag.pbStoreItem(items[i])...
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    v18 Reset Moveset on Evolution

    Ah, I forgot that the Pokemon's species isn't actually changed until after the "afterEvolution" handler... Maybe you can try generating a dummy Pokemon of the evolved species and transferring its moves over like so: "afterEvolution" => proc { |pkmn, new_species, parameter, evo_species| next...
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    v18 Reset Moveset on Evolution

    Oh, well there's an "afterEvolution" handler that you can set for specific evolution conditions. In the case of Eevee evolving by location, you can find the Location handler in script section Pokemon_Evolution and add the code below: # Find this section: PBEvolution.register(:Location, {...
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    v18 In-battle Terrain BGs

    I looked at the code and saw that each of the terrain moves activate a terrain animation when they get used. However, none of these animations are implemented by default in Essentials, so it looks like it's not doing anything. What you need to do is launch the game in Debug mode, then go to...
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    v17 Making Following Pokémon also use shiny sprites

    Are you saying that for shiny Pokemon, only the male version is showing up? How are your shiny female sprites named? It should be named like this: "XXXfs.png", where the "f" flag (for female) is written BEFORE the "s" flag (for shiny).
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    v18 Reset Moveset on Evolution

    Luckily for you, there is just such a function called "resetMoves". When you say "on evolution", do you mean ANY type of evolution, not just leveling up? If so, then you can go to script section PScreen_Evolution, find the function "def pbEvolutionSuccess", and under that, find and add the...
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    Resource Nuzlocke Permadeath

    Oh sorry, I didn't see this message until just now. I just put actual text as a sort of placeholder, but if you (or anyone else) wants to use a picture instead, you can just replace this line under "def pbStartOver(gameover=false)": pbMessage(_INTL("\\w[]\\wm\\c[8]\\l[3]GAME OVER!")) with code...
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    v17 Trainers after battle say ...

    First of all, don't let a little thing like a wrong message make you leave your entire project. What you need to do is simply turn your "EndSpeech" comment into "EndBattle". EndSpeech is for the message that is displayed when the player wins and is still in the battle screen, while EndBattle is...
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    v18 Adding new abilities and battle effects in essentials 18.1

    Your assessment of the error was slightly incorrect - "b.affectedByTerrain?" was only causing a problem in your original code because you had not put it inside the "priority.each do |b|" loop. In fact, Grassy Terrain actually works fine in base Essentials, but since your code was placed before...
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    v18 Adding new abilities and battle effects in essentials 18.1

    The error says the variable "b" is undefined, which means you placed your code in slightly the wrong place or you need to rename "b" to whatever the name of the battler is. I know you pasted the code you tried, but can you also show some of the code before and after your own? I believe that...
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    Recruiting Pokemon Dark Rising 3

    Hi, I'm sorry we actually just found a new writer to help us out, so for the time being that position is closed. I will let you know if we need another writer in the future!
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    v18 Adding Gen 8 moves to v18

    Actually, my bad - this project is still buggy at the moment, so you will have to wait a while. This will eventually be merged directly into a future version of Essentials, so you could wait till then and simply upgrade your project (could be as soon as v19, but I don't keep track of its...
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    v18 Adding Gen 8 moves to v18

    All Gen 8 PBS is here:
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    Pokémon Essentials v18.1 - 28th September 2020

    Yes, they are all defined in the PBS and scripts.