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  1. Tomix9tomix

    Released Pokémon Vanishing Point

    It 'can' be played on mobile using something called "JoiPlay", I don't know the specifics of it however there are plenty of tutorials on how to set it up and play games with it out there that you can learn from. However I will note that the game wasn't made with JoiPlay in mind, or rather, any...
  2. Tomix9tomix

    I love your entry for the Iron Mapper trial. Very spooky! Good luck with your fan game!

    I love your entry for the Iron Mapper trial. Very spooky! Good luck with your fan game!
  3. Tomix9tomix

    Released Pokémon Vanishing Point

    Thank you to everyone who has been playing the game and giving some feedback! A minor update is out, v1.5, it mostly fixes small tile errors or typos, however it does add a PC where there really should've been a PC before. So please download the update if you haven't already! Thank you!
  4. Tomix9tomix

    Released Pokémon Vanishing Point

    aaaaaaaaa I really thought I had fixed this bug but I guess not. When you started your game were you already in the gate house? If not would you mind me private messaging you about getting your save file so I can figure out what is going on here. And if you want to delete your save all you need...
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    Released Pokémon Diamond and Pearl: Therian Episode

    So I only just finished this despite starting it a while ago due to life being busy. But it was a fun journey! The game was really nice and felt "authentic"? I'm not sure if that's the right way to put it but the game really felt like it fit right into the mainline Pokemon games. It has a lot of...
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    Released Pokémon Vanishing Point

    Thank you so much for the feedback! And im glad you enjoyed it!
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    Released Pokémon Vanishing Point

    Im glad to hear that! Enjoy and feel free to let me know how you found it when you're done! Im so glad to hear you enjoyed it! And im glad that you noticed and enjoyed the music remixes, not many people have commented on them yet. Just to address one of the plot details you were confused...
  8. Tomix9tomix

    Released Pokémon Vanishing Point

    Which version are you playing on? It should've been fixed in a more recent version so hopefully if you saved before hand you can just download the update and then go to the relearner. If you saved after the game broke feel free to send me your save in a private message or something and i can...
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    Released Pokémon Vanishing Point

    Hello! Thank you for the feedback, it is always great getting feedback on the puzzle parts of the game because I won't know how they look like to a fresh mind myself. Just a few questions about it though:
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    Released Pokémon Vanishing Point

    Thank you for the report! I'm glad to hear you are enjoying it so far, let me know your final thoughts as well please! <3 And with this report version 1.3 is out. It fixes this bug along with some minor bugs. Hopefully it is the last update? Can't be too sure though. I hope all of you are...
  11. Tomix9tomix

    Pokémon Vanishing Point Resource Pack - Adding Nanu's theme remix

    Just an update because I'm dumb and forgot to include the gba remix of Nanu's theme that Papurika did in the resource pack. It is an .ogg and should have looping info included if you are using Yuri Nuri's Fmodex extension. Please note the other music in Vanishing Point is not by Papurika, if...
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    Resource Pokémon Vanishing Point Resource Pack

    Tomix9tomix updated Pokémon Vanishing Point Resource Pack with a new update entry: Adding Nanu's theme remix Read the rest of this update entry...
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    Released Pokémon Vanishing Point

    Version 1.2 is out, fixes some embarrassing mistakes/bugs like completely using the wrong tiles for waterfalls and alolan meowth not actually being alolan.... Please download if you are still playing the game as it also fixes a possible crash. Thank you
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    Just figured I'd jump in to say that one of the emails explaining the rules says that underleveled evos are allowed and common due to the summoning system of the mmo
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    Released Pokémon Vanishing Point

    It takes about 3 hours in my experience!
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    Released Pokémon Vanishing Point

    Turns out there were 2 game crashing trainers, so version 1.1 is out! If you have downloaded it but not played it yet, please download it again! Thank you <3
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    Released Pokemon: The Giant Torterra

    Finished playing through this game and I thought I'd leave my thoughts. It is a very cute game, from the art style to the characters. Right off the bat I liked the character section screen. The intro itself was very cute at well. Just everything in this game is cute, the interactions, and...
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    I just finished up, got all 3 endings, and here are my thoughts: Thank you for the great jam game! Great to see another Looker game in this batch ;)