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  1. TheGamingPaladin

    Released Pokemon Shadow of the dragon (v0.3)

    lemme know when you finish, this is an interesting idea.
  2. TheGamingPaladin

    Completed Lost Hope v1.2 (Clay Corridor Fix)

    the very look from the screenshots and the description of the game is making the oldschool Lavender Town theme play in my head, my spidey sense is tingling already.
  3. TheGamingPaladin

    Released Pokémon Diamond and Pearl: Therian Episode

    this should be fun, Platinum was a real hoot for me on the DS, so i'm eager to play this.
  4. TheGamingPaladin

    Completed Welcome to PokéFriend Café! - A Café Game - Update v5.0

    unlike your avatar, this isnt a Trubbish game. (had to make that joke. lol) i really like the concept and i'm sure to enjoy it.
  5. TheGamingPaladin

    Released Pokemon: The Giant Torterra

    this reminds me of Mists of Pandaria, where upon playing a Pandaren, as you start off on an island sized tortoise. really cool to see something like that being played with in Pokemon, just adds that bit of flavor that makes the whole universe pop.
  6. TheGamingPaladin

    Completed Pokemon Parallax

    play as Looker? Stealth Missions? now THAT sounds interesting!
  7. TheGamingPaladin

    Released Pokémon Splice

    Gotta Splice Em All!
  8. TheGamingPaladin

    Completed Pokémon Pumpkin

    UPDATE - the download was a success, thank you for your time to help someone late in getting this, i will be sure to let ppl know how helpful you were when i do a video for my channel.
  9. TheGamingPaladin

    Completed Pokémon Pumpkin

    yeah, of course i tried that first, in fact even when it is turned off, it seems to stay on, just in a dormant state, in any case i will try the new mirror now, thanks.
  10. TheGamingPaladin

    Completed Pokémon Pumpkin

    no good, not any fault of yours, certain antivirus programs conflict with Gdrive, hence what i said, i can get downloads through Mediafire and MEGA just fine, but this is an issue that seems to be pretty common, i guess Pokefans have a more compliant antivirus. i tried to fix the issue a couple...
  11. TheGamingPaladin

    Completed Pokémon Pumpkin

    i wouldve loved to play this, but for some reason anytime i try to download from a Gdrive link, i get a Failed - Forbidden error, so i guess no delightful Halloween themed fan game for me.
  12. TheGamingPaladin

    Completed Pokémon Edge Rising

    easy fix, just double click each font file and install them one at a time, this will allow you to play the game with those fonts, and you wont have to install them in future games, unless they are entirely different.
  13. TheGamingPaladin

    Work in Progress Pokémon Defiance

    i'm perfectly fine with Hype, as long as the game doesn't get dropped entirely. :P that being said Deltafier mode sounds cool, might run my first playthrough in Delta mode, just to see ahead of time what the differences are overall for each delta, then choose which i'd want to hunt for my...
  14. TheGamingPaladin

    Entertainment Pokken Tournament Chit Chat

    well it's called DX which is short for Deluxe, but it would be cool if they did make it canon with Pokemon XD, as i enjoyed my adventures in Orre.
  15. TheGamingPaladin

    Entertainment Pokken Tournament Chit Chat

    i decided to open this thread since i didnt see a PT thread in this forum, so here goes... Pokken Tournament, how does everyone feel about it? does it need more characters? more moves? more depth in some way? your thoughts here... as for my answer, i really dig the idea of a Pokemon...
  16. TheGamingPaladin

    Work in Progress Pokémon Defiance

    i will definitely be using said script in my fan game, i'm much more comfortable with a controller in my hands than down on a keyboard. :P
  17. TheGamingPaladin

    Other [Legacy] Project Sandbox

    my advice Zero, would be to take some time with Essentials, learn the ropes with RPG Maker in general (plenty of tutorials all over Youtube that can make that even easier) and show ppl what you can do on your own, then you can attract the aid of more experienced folk here at Relic Castle. you...
  18. TheGamingPaladin

    Completed Pokémon Edge Rising

    uh oh... sounds like a fatal bug, you may have to let mak put you back at that battle, because that wasnt supposed to happen and it sounds like it broke your game...
  19. TheGamingPaladin

    Work in Progress Pokémon Defiance

    as of right now he has been very busy with his Game Jam project, Edge Rising. so this is probably on the dormant side, at least for right now, the best other answer i could give is "not enough that he feels necessary to release a demo."
  20. TheGamingPaladin

    Completed Pokémon Edge Rising

    ah i see, so it was released as an endgame catchable at kind of the last minute? well that would explain the missing back sprite. good to know as if i had gone to catch it and was missing a sprite i'd think something was wrong too.