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  1. TheGamingPaladin

    Entertainment Pokken Tournament Chit Chat

    i decided to open this thread since i didnt see a PT thread in this forum, so here goes... Pokken Tournament, how does everyone feel about it? does it need more characters? more moves? more depth in some way? your thoughts here... as for my answer, i really dig the idea of a Pokemon...
  2. TheGamingPaladin

    Where Do Screenshots Made in Essentials go??

    the Essentials Wiki says that the Screenshots go where the Save File is, but i cannot find the Screenshot at all. can someone help me with this? so i can showcase my game as i make it.
  3. TheGamingPaladin

    Mega Evolution - Which Pokemon Need it for End Game (PVP)

    hello, since i didnt see a thread about this, i wanted to see what everyone had to say, so tell me... Which Pokemon Need Mega Evolution and How Should Their Mega Evo Benefit them? to me, in the End Game ALL Pokemon Should be Relevent, and Mega Evolution made it possible for many Pokemon to...