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  1. Cryptochrome

    v17 RGSS Player crashing with "(Not Responding)"

    I still don't understand why my game Pokemon Descent is crashing. I'd like to add improvements, but I feel kind of stuck until I can fix the random crashing (there's no error message). If the player saves often, they can get all the way through the game. So it doesn't seem to be an issue with a...
  2. Cryptochrome

    Resource Pokemon Descent Resource Pack

    Cryptochrome submitted a new resource: Pokemon Descent Resource Pack - tiles/sprites made for Pokemon Descent Read more about this resource...
  3. Cryptochrome

    Completed Pokemon Descent (finished the story!)

    Game Screenshots: Features: A hybrid between Pokemon and a 90's DOS game called DESCENT Follows this Jam's optional theme - ESCAPE! 3 replayable maze-like levels to beat ~1 hour of gameplay Game Download: MediaFire - Version 1.3 Made Using: Pokemon Essentials RPG Maker XP Team...
  4. Cryptochrome

    Script help for "Sprite_SurfBase"

    I've been trying to install the lava surfing script from mej71 here. I believe it was written for Essentials v15, and I'm trying to adapt it for Essentials v17 to use in my game for this year's Jam. It's been challenging because I'm new to scripting, there were several edits that needed to be...