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  1. leilou

    Weekly Discussion Organising Your Project

    I have four documents. Credits: It's such a pain to have to search for credits after you finished a project. It can be circumvented by a little effort every time you download a new ressource. (I also include the credits of not yet used assets and then delete those I didn't actually use when I...
  2. leilou

    Weekly Discussion Inspiration & Creative Block

    My short bits on creative block: I pretty much only have them if I work too long on a project ... if I have one I usually lay the game down and take a new look the day after. Because doing stuff while having one will result in feeling uninspired and I'll redo it another day anyways. If I don't...
  3. leilou

    Weekly Discussion Managing project deadlines and scope

    How do you deal with a definitive deadline creeping ever closer? Well I pretty much learned my lesson on deadlines on the first gamejam I participated in. Basically what happened was: I found some teammembers and we wanted to make a game around the concept of battle frontier and implement...
  4. leilou

    Dimensional Scream Animation

    are you trying to make it an event? In that case the size of the sprite showed would always be 1/4 of your picture in height and width. One animation would be the 4 pictures in one row. you could do it the easy way and just make every frame of the animation it's own picture and have an event...
  5. leilou

    Help with Variables in Trainer Events

    the 4th argument of the pbTrainerBattle method determines whether you fight a double battle or a normal one. So do it the way it works but you only get single battles and change the 4th variable to true: pbTrainerBattle(:LASS,"Crissy",_I("You didn't have to win so convincingly!"),true,0,false,0)...
  6. leilou

    Item to replace Fly not working?

    well that depends on how you want to do it ... it's more a question of style than a question of whether it works ... you just have to make sure it is done before the stuff that you had in UseFly originally because that's where the player chooses the destination
  7. leilou

    Item to replace Fly not working?

    I looked it up in 17.2 but it might have still worked ... like not everything changed with the version
  8. leilou

    Item to replace Fly not working?

    I just looked at what essentials did and you'll need to put this code to call the destiny selection screen and set flydata: scene =,false) screen = ret = screen.pbStartFlyScreen if ret $PokemonTemp.flydata=ret end you need to do...
  9. leilou

    Item to replace Fly not working?

    so I looked for any occurence of useFly in base essentials and got no hits. How are you calling it? if you just go UseFly to call it without anything else the following line of code might just cause this since you don't set $PokemonTemp.flydata: if !$PokemonTemp.flydata...
  10. leilou

    Released Pokémon Infinity

    I just started playing but I want to write this before I forget it ^^ I really like the esthetics in every way. Tileset, Mapping, UI, Sprites, ... everything is great. I also think you found a great way to tell the story/lore. I think that the difference in volume in between the first city and...
  11. leilou

    Switching between PC Storages 1.0

    This script makes it easy to change between any number of different pc storages. All you have to do is call pbSwitchStorage(storageNumberPrevious,nextNumberPrevious) every time you switch inbetween characters. Disclaimer: This script does not touch the Party. This script does not allow to merge...
  12. leilou

    Resource Switching between PC Storages

    leilou submitted a new resource: [Script] Switching between PC Storages - An easy method to switch between multiple PC storages. Read more about this resource...
  13. leilou

    Resize Screen and battle sprites and UI accordingly to accomidate.

    The sprite ... because the sprite will be displayed pixel by pixel ... so if the mon is to big or small for your world: either resize the sprite or the rest of your game so everything fits ... usually it's easier to resize the sprite
  14. leilou

    Resize Screen and battle sprites and UI accordingly to accomidate.

    The format is ok. The sprite will be centered in a way, that the lowest pixel in the sprite is lined up with the lowest pixel of the tile it's standing on. But be centered horizontaly. For the size: You'll need to try that out yourself ... if the sprite is to big you will have to resize it.
  15. leilou

    Resize Screen and battle sprites and UI accordingly to accomidate.

    You can change the base size of the game in "settings" script: DEFAULTSCREENWIDTH = 480 DEFAULTSCREENHEIGHT = 320 DEFAULTSCREENWIDTH is the width and DEFAULTSCREENHEIGHT is the height of your game. Start your game in Debug mode. (The green Play button in RPGMXP) Then press F9 for debug...
  16. leilou

    Ground type moves and flying targets

    It might be an idea to just not have moves that are not all clear ... if you want a move with those stats ... just make a new one with a better name/animation so the player has no prejudice btw there'S already something like this ... sand attack hit'S levitating pokemon ... not sure about flying...
  17. leilou

    Rename the player and then return his old name

    try altering the trainer name like this: $ = "new name"
  18. leilou

    Problem with [906] Pokémon

    Yeah that solves the issure ... but it doesn't investigate why the issue happens so this is actually a bad practice because it just disables a certain type of form shown in your pokedex for those that are wrongly initiated ... not saying you shouldn't do that ... just saying that that's more...
  19. leilou

    Problem with [906] Pokémon

    I'm not 100% sure but try the following things: - start a new game. If this fixes it everything is probably fine and the problem was probably within in your save file. - encounter the Pokémon before opening your pokedex(do an event with a battle against it). This doesn't solve anything but it...
  20. leilou

    Feedback Map Showcase

    I don't like the sharp edges in the mapwhen there are no decorations like trees or mountains. So I guess either get rid of those sharp edges or add more decoration to distract from it. if you look at what the official games do they tend to have no rectangle shaped geology at all ... they have...