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    Help Problem with the "icon_types" file for the Pokedex

    After adding the Fairy type to my game, I realised that the Fairy Type icon won't show up in the pokedex for a Fairy Pokemon, even though I updated the "icon_types" picture from the Graphics/Pokedex folder with the Fairy icon and I did add the Fairy type in the types.txt file from the PBS...
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    Demo Pokemon: Eternal Order

    You're right. I'm very sorry about that. I changed the Mediafire link with one for a version which fixes this.
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    Demo Pokemon: Eternal Order

    I tried converting them into pdf files, but they ended up looking messed up, so I converted them into photos instead (they are a bit large, though): Pokemon Changes Learnset Changes (leveling up) Learnset Changes (TM or Move Tutoring) Learnset Changes (Egg Moves)
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    Demo Pokemon: Eternal Order

    You can evolve Rockruff into Dusk Form Lycanroc by using a Dusk Stone on it, although it is not available in the demo. Alternatively, you can evolve Rockruff into Midday or Midnight Lycanroc by leveling it up with high friendship during the day or night respectively. You can check all the other...
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    Demo Pokemon: Eternal Order

    The starters come with their normal abilities, but you can use an item to give them their Hidden Abilities. You can also catch the other starters in the Safari Zone (not available in the demo) and the shiny encounter rate has been raised to nearly 2%.
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    Demo Pokemon: Eternal Order

    Hello. This is the first Pokemon game I've ever done with Essentials. It is nowhere near to being completed, as there are a lot of things that still need to be finished (spritework, looping music, the story etc.) but I still want to release a demo that goes up to the 4th gym badge to receive...
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    Help Game crashes after using the RPG Maker Encrypter

    I encrypted my game using the RPG Maker Encrypter, after which I deleted the Data, Graphics and PBS folders. The exe file still runs, but the game crashes when I try to choose the name of my character and I get these messages: Can anyone tell why this happens? This is version 17.2, by the way.