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  1. Anuran

    TEAM MAPPER: Trial I

  2. Anuran

    TEAM MAPPER: Trial I

    I would like to take the last plot
  3. Anuran

    Suggestions to improve Essentials

    There is s 1 thing off in the essential, which is - When I use a healing item on my party pokemon which is not in battle, it doesn't show the HP going up and cut to the main batte saying "Your pokemon has be healed" or something. We normally see the HP meter rise in the party menu itself when u...
  4. Anuran

    Pokemon Cryptic Resources 2020-02-22

    Resources that were custom made for Pokemon Cryptic during the RC winter game jam
  5. Anuran

    Resource Pokemon Cryptic Resources

    Anuran submitted a new resource: Pokemon Cryptic Resources - Resources that were custom made for Pokemon Cryptic during the RC winter game jam Read more about this resource...
  6. Anuran

    Game Jam Winter Game Jam 2020: Recruitment

    [Recruiting] Looking to recruit: Writer (To narrate the plot), Programmer (To program a simple Key Item) Jam Entry Title: CrossWorks Team Name/Team Members: Anuran Progress/Screenshots: Method of Contact: Discord - Anuran#5311 Timezone: +5:30 GMY Additional Information: English isnt my first...
  7. Anuran

    Creative Make a Fakemon Game! v2.0

    Let's make a dragon type this time
  8. Anuran

    Discussion Japan Bans Console Modding

    This is not a hacking/modding community. We make Fan games with a engine called Rpg Xp from scratch and not a hack of pre existed rom.
  9. Anuran

    Recruiting Pokemon Oblivion Recruitment

    Made to changes - Removed the Dev role - Wiki Developer Changed OW sprite to - Spriter, should be able to picture the backsprite Still looking for a helping hand in this project
  10. Anuran

    Creative Make a Fakemon Game! v2.0

    NAME - Mewick TYPE - Physic
  11. Anuran

    Completed Pokémon Umber

    Its not about crediting him. There might a a tet file inside the resource pack that contains a list of persons you need to credit too along with Dawn bronze
  12. Anuran

    Recruiting Pokemon Oblivion Recruitment

    The project is getting a strong hold by the team. We were inputting the infos of the pokedex in a Google doc but after a short announcement it was bought to a conclusion that The Wiki is a better place to store pokedex info than the Google doc. So we are now looking for a member to help...
  13. Anuran

    Recruiting Pokemon Oblivion Recruitment

    POKEMON OBLIVION A greater story A story written by heart A greater purpose of humanity. When every hopes seems to fade away, and when humans live to only suffer. There will always come the day after the long Night, so with hopes. Every hope is just a push in your back, and there will again...
  14. Anuran

    Pokemon Essentials Takedown

    Really disappointed. Big franchise like GTA too allow modding. They even have a entire modding section in their official forum. As far as I am concerned the creators of big mods were even interviewed by Rockstar. I see no point in sutting the Essential.
  15. Anuran

    Ask Me Anything

    As far as I was concerned, you were making a game for the jam. What happned to it?
  16. Anuran

    Completed Pokémon Journey

    Really enjoyed this little game. It has the original feelings to it and the vibe to it. Its nice to see that you made this game as there is something the player is eager to find out at the end which i liked the most. When I started the game I had that feeling - "What is the end going to be...
  17. Anuran

    Creative Leon's Digital Art

    What do you use for these drawing? Like graphic tablet,drawing tablet or mouse?
  18. Anuran

    Creative Betamons

    Kurusu is here. Tell me if the Color are bright
  19. Anuran

    Iron Mapper IRON MAPPER: Trial VI

    Map Name - The Collision Trial 6 Map- Critique - Yes Notes - Entrance from the top left. You can see a mountain in the top left corner which exit is on the previous route. A part of the mountain is visible in this a route too. The player acess the mountain from the previous route and must...