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  1. CoumarineTrainerAndy

    Recruiting Pokemon Dragon Siege

    What I Need: I am looking for people to make sprites for the fan-game I'm working on, I am also looking for someone to compose music for the fan-game, artists, and someone to make scripts for the battle system and more. Method Of Contact: Here(Reply or DM) Made using: Pokemon Essentials...
  2. CoumarineTrainerAndy

    Game Jam Pokémon TRAPPED

    Pokémon TRAPPED A game about you going off to train a Pokémon you got on your 10th Birthday in Crystalion Cave. When you enter the entrance behind you closes. He meets people who are also trapped and goes around exploring trying to find a way to escape. Game Download: Version 3.0 Made Using...
  3. CoumarineTrainerAndy

    Resource Pokemon Trapped Resources

    CoumarineTrainerAndy submitted a new resource: Pokemon Trapped Resources - The Resources of "Pokemon TRAPPED". Read more about this resource...