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    Project Names

    I chose Arbitrium as the name for my current project, arbitrium or ad arbitrium, basically meaning ones own choice of decision. It takes place in the Sprendimas region, sprendimas meaning decision in Lithuanian. It's choice based, not with anywhere near the complexity of a mass effect of dragon...
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    What are your Fan Game/Pokémon Pet Peeves?

    Ugh, I've been trying to break this habit myself. I made another game awhile back on another engine and it required larger maps, so I just got into the habit.
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    Resource Simple Quest System + UI

    I'm guessing it won't ever be updated for newer versions since it's been over a month with no reply.
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    Resource Simple Quest System + UI

    Is this going to be updated for 17+ with modular menu support?
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    Resource Easy Questing Interface

    Is this working on 17.2?