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  1. Ramman

    Freelance Offering Spriting/Design Help!

    Hi. I'm hoping to help some people out with sprite work! Not really looking to be a main spriter but i'm willing to help out here and there with sprite work and fakemon designing. Expertise: Spriting/Fakemon Design Examples of Work: https://twitter.com/ConestaRegion (My personal fakemon...
  2. Ramman

    Game Jam Game Jam #6: Recruitment

    [Recruiting] Looking to recruit: Scripter Jam Entry Title: Pokemon Swarm Team Name/Team Members: Ramman, Maurili, Kotaro Progress/Screenshots: Planning stages Method of Contact: Discord Ramish#6114 Timezone: EST Additional Information: Looking to recruit someone to assist with point-and-click...
  3. Ramman

    Game Jam Winter Game Jam 2020: Recruitment

    [Volunteering] Expertise: Spriting, Concept art Examples of Work: Some of my stuff is on my twitter: https://twitter.com/r_ramenoodles, please PM if you would like to see more. Method of Contact: Discord: Ramish#6114 Timezone: EST