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  1. TheLuxDiablo

    Game Jam Game Jam #6: Recruitment

    [Recruiting] Looking to recruit: - Pixel Artist - Artist Jam Entry Title: Pokemon Parallax Team Name/Team Members: - LuxDiablo (Programmer/Composer) - AnonAlpaca (Composer/Artist/Pixel Artist/Writer) - Maks (Writer) Progress/Screenshots: Sketches for Team Masque, the evil team of...
  2. TheLuxDiablo

    Game Jam Game Jam #6: Discussion

    Good luck to everyone! I'm super hyped to see what good projects come out of this Game Jam!
  3. TheLuxDiablo

    Recruiting Pokemon Valhalla is Recruiting!

    Bump: Major edits have been made to the thread! Please consider joining :)
  4. TheLuxDiablo

    Recruiting Pokemon Valhalla is Recruiting!

    Bump: We are still recruiting! Please let us know if you are interested, any help would be appreciated!
  5. TheLuxDiablo

    Recruiting Pokemon Valhalla is Recruiting!

    Pokemon Valhalla is Recruiting! What is Pokemon Valhalla? Pokemon Valhalla is a fangame in development using RPG Maker XP and Pokemon Essentials. The game takes place in the Halosko region, a region based on the Netherlands, and the game will include all Pokemon from Generation 1-8 as well...
  6. TheLuxDiablo

    Recruiting Recruiting For Pokemon Crossbones

    Hello, My name is Diablo! I am recruiting for a fangame known as Pokemon Crossbones. We are currently in the early stages of development and are looking for people that are interested in working with us. We are willing to take any help, but we mainly need spriters, scripters, music composers...
  7. TheLuxDiablo

    Freelance [Closed] New Composer Looking To Collaborate!

    Hello there! If you're interested, I would like to have you as a part of my team. We are working on a Pokemon fangame, and your talent seems like something we could use. Now, I won't be able to offer you any monetary compensation for your work, if that's ok. But I do believe that this game will...