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  1. Involuntary Twitch

    Recruiting Pokémon Nebula: A Cosmic Horror Inspired Fangame

    Cool concept. I love fakemon games so much, even though they take more time to develop given all of the additional work that goes into creating concepts, designs, and sprites as well as developing the rest of the gameplay, story, writing, new mechanics etc. It does seem like you've got a good...
  2. Involuntary Twitch

    How do you go about story-writing for a fan game project?

    When writing a plot for a fangame (or anything really), I try to keep my thoughts organized in tiers of detail and granularity. (Keep in mind: this is just a process that works for me. There is no "right way" to create!) On the top level, the Macro Tier, I include things like: story themes...
  3. Involuntary Twitch

    Nice! Keep up the good work! :)

    Nice! Keep up the good work! :)
  4. Involuntary Twitch

    I don't really know very much about that either. ~JV~ was the programmer who added in all of...

    I don't really know very much about that either. ~JV~ was the programmer who added in all of Uranium's custom features and scripts like that one. I'm not actually that well-versed in the inner workings of RMXP. I just designed the fakemon, made the sprites and wrote the game's story. You could...
  5. Involuntary Twitch

    I have no musical talent whatsoever! I am a pixel artist and writer. If you're thinking of the...

    I have no musical talent whatsoever! I am a pixel artist and writer. If you're thinking of the person who composed the original music for Uranium, that would be Emdasche: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjQYBUwWknU&list=PL5374557MZgilHUXNqj7YpcxEvwEea573&index=7
  6. Involuntary Twitch

    Completed Pokémon Fable

    I just finished this game (I think? I beat the boss at the end, anyway). I really enjoyed it! A cute, fun adventure, not too challenging, but still with some twists and turns that kept me engaged! It had some lovely mapping, too, I really liked exploring all of the different environments...
  7. Involuntary Twitch

    Work in Progress Pokemon Shifting Sands

    This game has 2 things that I like very much, Fakemon and Gen 2 styled graphics. That art style is super charming and the fakemon names are great too. Interested to see more from this project! Keep up the good work!
  8. Involuntary Twitch

    Demo Pokémon Sardonyx: Raised to Win

    This looks interesting! Lots of new ideas and creativity. That buy-a-Pokemon mechanic in particular looks like lots of fun, although perhaps I'm just excited because you chose my favorite Pokemon (Archen). The story seems intriguing and I'm excited for the upcoming demo! Keep up the good work :)
  9. Involuntary Twitch

    Completed Pokémon Birdcall

    I caught Zapdos and got his feather already, but the pathway's still not opening. Maybe I'm just clueless?
  10. Involuntary Twitch

    Completed Pokémon Birdcall

    Okay! So I played this game (a... lot) and I got pretty far! In summary: I like birds
  11. Involuntary Twitch

    Completed Banette & Guilmon - A Pokemon Movie

    Um, that's nice, but this thread isn't really the right place for that. Feel free to message me if you want to say something off-topic. This thread is for discussing SmokedPaprika's game Banette & Guilmon, which is really great! It's a different sort of story altogether from most fan games, but...
  12. Involuntary Twitch

    Completed Pokémon Birdcall

    This game seems right up my alley! (I love birds.) Downloading it now; I'll play it and tell you what I think!
  13. Involuntary Twitch

    Completed Banette & Guilmon - A Pokemon Movie

    Hey! I 'played' through this the other day and thought I'd leave a comment. I really enjoyed it; although for the first ten minutes I kept waiting for the point where I would take control of the characters before I realized what the "Movie" part of the title meant. I've never seen anything like...
  14. Involuntary Twitch

    Game Theft and Phishing Sites

    Does Relic have its own Wiki? That might be a nice, happy medium between site-curated content and user-made games. Makers of fangames could create pages describing their projects, add in as much information as they like, plus tags describing the specifics of the project (#Fakemon or #NoFakemon...
  15. Involuntary Twitch

    April Fools Pokémon Meat 3

    An unforgettable fangame experience. 10/10 would meat again (if I wasn't afraid of legal consequences)
  16. Involuntary Twitch

    Entertainment What's your favorite Pokémon?

    Ooh okay let's go. My all-time favorite since the 5th gen has been Archeops, it's got a super cool design that uses all of my favorite colors and it's based on one of my favorite real-life animals, the microraptor. Lots of my other faves are from the 5th gen, like Reuniclus, Scolipede, and...
  17. Involuntary Twitch

    Completed Pokémon Edge Rising

    Hey, just so you know, it looks like Vinesauce played your game! Congrats! Also, this looks hilarious, and I might play it myself soon...
  18. Involuntary Twitch

    Creative Fakémon Feedback

    You're totally in the clear. There are plenty of fakemon based on Glaucus Atlanticus, and not just in Uranium. (There's one in Pokemon Sage, too.) It's a pretty cool-looking animal, and your design is unique and cool looking enough to stand apart. In general, it's not so bad if you create a...
  19. Involuntary Twitch

    Completed GALMI

    W I D E G A M E This looks really interesting. I love GSC essentials and the unusual wide format is a cool choice. I was hoping to see some more experimental games this Jam session, and I was not disappointed! Downloading it now, will tell you my thoughts when I'm through.
  20. Involuntary Twitch

    Creative June Fakeathon 2017

    Ah, I'm late to my own challenge! ...Not really. The truth is, I've been doing them every day, but because I have to post across 3 different websites (Twitter, DA and Tumblr), sometimes I forget about RC too... my apologies! Hope you enjoy these new fakes :)