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  1. Evan


    Hey all! [to be replaced with eventual relic writing club logo/artpiece] An oft forgotten piece of fan game development is quality writing, as it's not the flashiest thing to advertise in your game. Based on discussions in discord, it seems that more people want an outlet to both creatively...
  2. Evan

    Tutorial Installing the Fonts

    Evan submitted a new resource: Installing the Fonts - How to install the fonts that come with Pokemon Essentials Fangames. Read more about this resource...
  3. Evan

    Creative Make a Fakemon Game! v2.0

    Hey all, I would love to take this opportunity to formally bring back...... THATS RIGHT FOLKS IT'S BACK! The rules are pretty simple, but I'll spell em out here so we can all just jump in and make our weird creations into beautiful reality (The Volcano Moose is just the best thing ever)...
  4. Evan

    Resource MoonBase Tileset

    Evan submitted a new resource: MoonBase Tileset - because it had to be made public Read more about this resource...
  5. Evan

    Completed Pokémon Chronicles: Keldeo

    Author's Note: This game was made for a GAME JAM at PokéCommunity. It won the Game Jam, though there were only four entrants. Here's my award to prove it. It's very pretty. The basis of the challenge was that you were given a random legendary (and one week!) to build a very short "dungeon" and...
  6. Evan

    April Fools Evan Starr's Ding Dang Fan Game Talk Show

    Hey guys, here's Episode One of the long awaited DDFGTS! I will be doing these infrequently...but possibly more often! If you guys have actual ideas for actual segments in the future I'd be happy to hear em out, this was fun to make! Many thanks to Scott Geldzahler, Sean Petersen, and Mark...
  7. Evan

    Demo Pokémon Ethereal Gates

    Perihelion Productions is proud to present our flagship project! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRODUCTION Immerse yourself in the beautiful Leneka Region and discover tons of new wild Pokémon...