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  1. TechSkylander1518

    Resource Gen 8-Style Item Find Description

    I was just thinking about what a great addition this would be! Glad to know there's a way to do this without a billion switches, haha. Thanks for making this!
  2. TechSkylander1518

    Character Customization Pack: Swimming N/A

    I really love Poltergeist's Character Customization Resource, and I wanted to make some expansion packs for some other spritesets! This one is for swimming (not surfing) in the overworld! Only the characters' head and hands are visible, so this pack only includes hairstyles, hats and...
  3. TechSkylander1518

    Resource Character Customization Pack: Swimming

    TechSkylander1518 submitted a new resource: Character Customization Pack: Swimming - An add-on to Poltergeist's resource with some assets for a swimming sprite! Read more about this resource...
  4. TechSkylander1518

    Work in Progress Pokémon Ashen Frost [Rerelease Pending]

    Uh, having played the original, I definitely call BS on the world being ugly, and while I didn't get as far into the story to see major plot points, the writing was still very enjoyable! It looks like this is going to have a lot of really cool improvements, though! That evidence UI looks nice...
  5. TechSkylander1518

    What are the themes that Nintendo follows when developing new starters?

    Glad I could help! Like I said before, I do think that there was an intended trend with Fire-types and the zodiac. (I think that a good indicator that Game Freak was looking to make connections with Fire-types is that both Infernape and Emboar are based on characters from Journey to the West...
  6. TechSkylander1518

    What are the themes that Nintendo follows when developing new starters?

    One criticism that I've heard of this theory is that there's a lot of prehistoric counterparts to various animals out there. You could actually almost argue the same for Fire-type starters. Charmander- Dinosaurs Cyndaquil-Glyptodon Torchic-Jianianhualong tengi Chimchar-prehistoric primate...
  7. TechSkylander1518

    Resource Pokémon BW/BW2 OW Characters in Gen IV OW style

    Dude, this is seriously brilliant. Gen 4 already has so many overworlds to work with, between DPPt and HGSS, and the Gen 5 trainer sprites mesh pretty seamlessly into the style of Gen 4 (IMO at least), so with these overworlds, games could probably have hundreds of trainer classes now! And you...
  8. TechSkylander1518

    Display banners 2020-03-04

    I don't know why, but I really, really love those banners, they're really fun to me. So I decided to make a few for other concepts in the games, using Bulbapedia's color schemes! This resource is just the graphics, no code for their usage. I'll update this post if I have any scripts that I...
  9. TechSkylander1518

    Resource Display banners

    TechSkylander1518 submitted a new resource: Display banners - Banners like the PokeDex displays for types, but for other concepts in games, like stats & seasons Read more about this resource...
  10. TechSkylander1518

    Work in Progress Pokemon Virtue

    This looks really impressive!
  11. TechSkylander1518

    Creative Fakémon Feedback

    Ooh, they seem like fun! I really love their color scheme!
  12. TechSkylander1518

    Resource Gen 6 PBS Files

    Just realized almost three years later that there's a minor error- King's Shield priority is set to 0, when it should be at 7 so it goes before most moves. It's a great resource, it's really nice to be able to quickly update a game like that!
  13. TechSkylander1518

    Questions & Feedback Thread

    Is there any way that the search engine for the resources section could be updated at all? Recently, I tried to remember a resource by xPokejosex that let you give statuses outside of battle. I went to the search resources section, tagged "Search titles only", and searched "Outside of battle"...
  14. TechSkylander1518

    Help Error pops up when running into a wild overworld Pokémon

    The error message says something about "pbHasItem" not being defined in pbGenerateWildPokemon- have you messed with the scripts there at all?
  15. TechSkylander1518

    Completed Pokémon Unown Ruins

    Really enjoyed this game!
  16. TechSkylander1518

    Resource Wild Item Drops

    Solved the issue of player drops! Just change the conditional to if @opponent==false && @pokemon.item >0 && showMessage && @battle.pbIsOpposing?(@index) (Unrelated to player, but I switched it to @opponent==false because I was still getting trainer drops, for some reason)
  17. TechSkylander1518

    Suggestions to improve Essentials

    I think it's in the event that somebody wants to make a Gen 1-styled game, so it can easily be adapted to HP, Attack, Defense, Speed, Special. (Though I would also welcome the change, especially since Gen 1 styles aren't very common)
  18. TechSkylander1518

    Relic Castle Winter Game Jam 2020: Recruitment

    [Volunteering] Expertise: Coding and eventing Examples of Work: I've done what I consider some nice QoL improvements, like renaming from the party or rewriting dex entries, and I can provide some event examples if you'd like. Method of Contact: Relic Castle or discord, TechSkylander1518#1085...
  19. TechSkylander1518

    Feedback Screenshot Showcase

    Ooh, I think it's turning out really nicely! The artstyle's great, and I really like that boat design! The one thing I can think to suggest right now is that the bodies kind of look like they're floating on the surface of the water- which, if that's intentional, is working fine, but I kinda got...
  20. TechSkylander1518

    Solved Trying to add another effectiveness display in EBS

    (Sorry, I know EBS isn't getting any more updates, but I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong with my code and needed some help) Okay, so, basic idea: I wanted to include an option for "No effect" to be displayed as well, since marking these moves as "Not very effective" is a little...