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  1. Fontbane

    Route Distribution Rant Thread

    Whether it's having too many different Pokémon on a route, new Pokémon being too rare compared to old ones, or an overabundance of Gumshoos, here's a thread to vent your opinions on Pokémon's biggest mistakes in distributing Pokémon in routes and caves.
  2. Fontbane

    Entertainment Rick and Morty (Spoilers)

    Aw jeez Rick, I-I don't know how to start the conversation... Well, yeah, Rick and Morty is a sci-fi cartoon on Adult Swim, but you should probably should've known that before clicking on this spoiler-filled thread... Since we all seem to love the show but don't want to give spoilers on...
  3. Fontbane

    Entertainment Nuzlockes

    As you probably know, Nuzlockes are a self-imposed challenge in Pokémon games with two main rules: You can only catch the first encounter in each area, and if a Pokémon faints, it's considered dead, and can't be used for the remainder of the run. Do you like Nuzlockes? What Nuzlockes have you...
  4. Fontbane

    Shiny Pokémon

    The shiny rate in Pokémon has only gone lower with time. As of now, it's around 1/4000 in the official games. Being that it takes so long to find a shiny in official games, is this rate appropriate for fangames, or should it be lowered? Many games, like Spectrum or Reborn, have boosted shiny...
  5. Fontbane

    References and Memes in Fan Games

    I had a thread about this in the old RC, but I feel like it's still relevant to discuss.
  6. Fontbane

    Fakemon: Do You Need Them?

    This is a major topic for fangame discussion. What do you think about putting Fakemon in games? How do you prefer them to be implemented? Do you think they should be implemented? How can mixing them with the canon effect your experience? Discuss!
  7. Fontbane

    April Fools Pokèmon Forge Special Demo Version

    The day you've waited for has finally come! The first demo of Pokémon Forge is up for playing! In this demo, play as the Legendary Pokèmon Kovalok as you search through a soon to be doomed peaceful park for pieces of Forge Meat! You can download Forge here. Have fun playing!
  8. Fontbane

    Tips for Making Fangames

    Do you have any tips for those making or helping with fangames? You can post them here! My tip would be, include easy access to healing in your routes or dungeons to encourage players to battle more Trainers.
  9. Fontbane

    Entertainment RWBY

    All us here have probably heard of RWBY, the 3D anime (at least in spirit) made by Rooster Teeth. RWBY follows a group of 4 girls, among other groups of 4, who train at a school for huntsmen in a world inhabited by evil creatures known as the Grimm. Those of us who follow the show, what do you...