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  1. kirlial

    Recruiting Pokémon Christmas adventure

    Hey there! I thought it would be fun to make a short fangame that's themed for the holidays. I'd like to release it some time in December so that gives me about 3 months to try and make this. A pretty short time period, but it's a lot more time than game jam projects have so I figure I'd be able...
  2. kirlial

    Feedback Screenshot Showcase

    I love the concept here, litwick's providing an ethereal light can certainly provide a sinister atmosphere and the blue lights on the screen look really good. The litwick sprites are also good. The tileset itself is fine but doesn't lend to much to the atmosphere, if you could find a bedraggled...
  3. kirlial

    Relic Castle Game Jam #3: Results

    I'll just echo what everyone else has said. Congrats on everyone who completed a game for the game jam! I haven't tried all the games yet - 25 is a really impressive number, but so far I've seen lots of interesting ideas and creative choices. Congrats especially to all the spotlight games...
  4. kirlial

    Feedback Map Showcase

    I generally like this map, the lake in the centre with the town built around it is very nice and I especially like how the trees wrap around it with a height difference. In regards to improvements, I'd say that the Pokémon centre should be nearer the town exit so the player wouldn't have to...
  5. kirlial

    Completed Pokémon Battle Island

    Hey there, been playing a few floors and this has been a fun experience. Though it's purely battles they all tend to be a little challenging as you're always on the same level as the enemy. I like how you receive Pokémon after battling and all the different modes of battling are nice, rotation...
  6. kirlial

    Distribution of Items

    Typically if you're doing a somewhat long game then put the better items either towards the end of the game or make them difficult to obtain. Rare items are the main reward for your exploring so don't give them out too easily. Additionally, some of the less valuable items might be useful early...
  7. kirlial

    Completed The Power We Hold

    Hey there, this game was really interesting! Congrats on completing the game jam! I've played up to the end of the first part where you invade the lab and the story in this game is fantastic, a chilling storyline that is inmediately engaging. Some of the ideas here felt really fresh and unique...
  8. kirlial

    Completed Pokemon Evolve Eevee

    Cheers! That's fine, I just wanted to share my experience playing this. I don't mind if a game's a little challenging at all. The only thing I would point out is that when there's a difficult battle in this, it's not so much that it's impossible to overcome, more that there isn't a huge amount...
  9. kirlial

    Completed Pokemon Evolve Eevee

    First off, congrats for completing the game jam! Your game's premise sounds fun. I went ahead and downloaded and I'll give you my thoughts so far. Firstly, the game looks brilliant, the graphics are all lovely and it's definitely a nice world map to explore. The battle's have been okay so far...
  10. kirlial


    Grinding is terribly tedious so if your game is difficult purely because each next gym has a 10 level advantage on your team then it's the wrong kind of difficulty. My rule of thumb is, assuming you're keeping the same team (training when you add a weaker member to your team isn't a problem)...
  11. kirlial

    Post Game

    As far as main games go, I loved the post-game in GSC, exploring the admittedly hollowed-out Kanto was lots of fun with more gyms to tackle and some problems to fix such as getting the magnet train to work. It's funny how you pass the train stations hundreds of time as you play through so it...
  12. kirlial

    Pixel Slam Jam Pixel Slam Jam #6: Battle Specialists

    Thought I'd be boring and go for a double battle. Dance Partners - Double Battlers. Inspiration - It seems like a fairly obvious concept. I liked the idea that at a dance the humans would dance together while the Pokémon would battle together. I was originally going for a formal sort of dance...
  13. kirlial

    Iron Mapper IRON MAPPER: Season 3 Discussion

    That was an awesome trial and there were so many great entries! Congrats to both winners, those maps were both well deserving of a win. Thanks for for the critique from the judges as well, it's been helpful so far!
  14. kirlial

    Story vs. Gameplay - How Important Is Each

    In some respects, both can be seen as equally important, as people are unlikely to play your game with frustrating gameplay or an uninspired plot. However, coming up with a simple story can be very easy, it's mostly a matter of creating a few characters and giving them motives then having them...
  15. kirlial

    Completed The Uxie Caves

    Yeah, that's the end. It's underwhelming I know. Mesprit will appear in the forest if you light all the torches in there after meeting Uxie. (More torches to light, because there clearly isn't enough already...) I added that as a little extra. I was thinking of extending the game by adding...
  16. kirlial

    Feedback Screenshot Showcase

    Thanks for all the feedback! I switched to using gen 5 overworlds and they definitely fit a bit better even if they're not perfect. I'll certainly try and simplify the colours so the shading is more consistent as well.
  17. kirlial

    Feedback Screenshot Showcase

    Hey there, I've been looking at some maps from the minish cap recently and decided to try throwing some tiles from it into Rpgmaker, in particular some indoor tiles. The parts directly from the minish cap are all the wooden parts, and all four walls are visible in this design. I think it will...
  18. kirlial

    Talking protagonist

    A talking protagonist can definitely work, I think it should be especially for games that are light-hearted or humorous, with the protagonist displaying a bit of dry wit or being serious to play off other characters wackiness.if you want to use it then I think it should be a consistent feature...
  19. kirlial

    Completed The Uxie Caves

    Thanks for the feedback and for trying out the game! It's definitely intended that you train your team up before going straight to the caves, that's to encourage you to catch some more so you don't go straight into them with only one or two Pokemon as the variety available in there is somewhat...
  20. kirlial

    Solved Move Tutors?

    Alright, here's a picture where I believe the event works fine. The price is 2 red shards for the first choice and 1500 for the second. The first two numbers should be -1,1 so that the choices are correctly selected.