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  1. silentgamer64

    Solved Changing PP Value Color

    Nevermind, I just realized my dumb mistake. I didn't copy the @ctag,selmove.pp,selmove.totalpp,movetype) over right. Here's the corrected code in PokeBattle_Scene: if selmove.pp==0 @info.text=_ISPRINTF("{1:s}<c3=e80000,f0d898>PP...
  2. silentgamer64

    Completed Pokemon Roulette FFA App

    Hello everyone! While this isn't really a "fan game" per se, I developed a small application that was inspired by Youtubers DuncanKneeDeep and HoodlumScrafty's Pokemon Roulette FFA battles. For those of you who don't know what Roulette FFA battles are, here are some videos from their channels...
  3. silentgamer64

    Help Detecting when a roaming pokemon is on a certain map

    I can see this being something that others (including myself) would find useful for tracking roaming pokemon in the future, but currently all I want to do is have a single event on each map that checks if a roamer is there, and if it is, to change the weather of that route. For example, if a...