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  1. Kartik

    Relic Castle Winter Jam 2020: Recruitment

    [Volunteering] Expertise: Spriting Examples of Work: My last jam entry, Pokemon Unvoiced and my good man's game A Zoroark Among Us though my work will only be in newer updates. welp Method of Contact: Discord, my tag is Kartik#1932, also goes by the name Killthicc on RC no idea who gave me this...
  2. Kartik

    Demo Pokemon Unvoiced

    depends what all you have done, in the end you will get a message. you can sleep in your house to skip the day and different events happen each day.
  3. Kartik

    Fan games with Pokemon characters

    What if someone just copies a few scripts of Essentials and removes every mention and relation to pokemon given proper credit to the Essentials team?
  4. Kartik

    Demo Pokemon Unvoiced

  5. Kartik

    Demo Pokemon Unvoiced

    New Update Out !! Also, even though it isn't complete, the development of the game is being questioned if it has to be ceased, so maybe no more updates will be out after this.
  6. Kartik

    Pokemon: The Rise of Giovanni

    The concept of this game is really good, reminds me of other rom hacks. But there were a few issues, which I hope would be fixed as soon as possible, First of all the game comes with a save file which is stuck in some kind of jail, which is weird, The game doesn't have sound yet, even the...
  7. Kartik

    Completed Hunter & Raymond

    I found a few errors in the game- You can get stuck if you jump from the ledge in the intro (just after meeting gligar). You can't buy paralyze heals in the first town. Hunter's sprite has a small error in one frame. Hunter's trainer card shows brendon.
  8. Kartik

    Demo Latent - Prologue

    Just finished the game, First of all, It looks amazing, The story is amazing so far, The soundtrack gave me chills, The title screen and font is beautiful as well. The tileset needs improvements though (can't really complain as you did the rest of the things in the game jam.) Looking forward...
  9. Kartik

    Pokemon This Gym of Mine

    I also found that in cold steel cavern, the rogue rider transforms into a lass after losing.
  10. Kartik

    Demo Pokemon Unvoiced

    Okay, so many people don't really explore and miss the pokemon center in shelter 13, in case you did too, here is the message. Also, there are leftovers in Psycho den. Also "V" will speed up your game (by Marin) but will probably make it lag, I kept this feature silent because after compiling...
  11. Kartik

    Pokemon This Gym of Mine

    No, I actually took up the bug type and it's very hard to find any good bug type pokemon or one which learns X-scissor, I soon got a grovyle and axew so no worries.